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  2. God's promise to Noah...he will not kill all living (or almost all living beings) as he did in the great flood to abolish sinfulness.
    Good photo Robine.
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  3. So this morning we dropped the kids at the nearby Baptist Church as part of their one week holiday club. My wife and I decided to go for a bit of a walk and I took this photo of Gonubie point.
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  4. How beautiful! I've seen that on my Google map trip! There's a hotel down the road, I think!
  5. Actually, you round the corner in front there, travel past two coffee shops, one we really like that makes a delectable pancake, and then the hotel and board walk. It has been a bit cold lately, but this was a real beautiful morning.
    We are not real fans of the hotel as they have a massive bar and is just not nice.
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  6. My mother picked some garlic yesterday. I had a bit of trouble with the light with this one. Yesterday was very bright but there are a few shadows in that area - too much contrast. It was very hot too. As you can see, the tomatoes in the hanging basket are wilting. I did water them later.

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  7. Your mother is beautiful :)
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  8. Get Lightroom by Adobe... it lets you adjust the contrast in one area of a photo without touching the other.
  9. Sounds good but I'm on Linux. I'd hazard a guess (that RawThreappe or Darktable might be the best options for this on Linux but I think you need to be shooting RAW for those.

    I could have done better with that picture yesterday using HDR on the camera but (as often seems to be the case with me...) I didn't think of it at the time.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Went into the mountains the other day with some summer missionaries.
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  11. I saw some swifts as I was sitting out the back this evening. Grabbed my camera which had a 50mm lens on. They were a long way off, they move quickly, light was poor, etc. Not saying I'd have done any better if had have been prepared but I'm quite pleased that at least one of them zoomed at 100% has something that at least is recognisable as a swift:
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  12. [​IMG]

    a day on the lake beats a day at work. Even if I don't catch a fish
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  13. Just had a storm blow by and left this for us to remember God's promises:

    That plane is going to Barcelona :)
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  14. God blessed us with some food for the winter!

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  15. Fish ON!!! Very nice catch Klub :)
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  16. Went on a hike with some summer missionaries and got a good shot.

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  17. [​IMG]
    Echo Lake, CA in the middle of the night.
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  18. Some photos of my vacation to Spain:

    For you @pancakes
    Spanish post office


    Churros with chocolate


    Toledo train station


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  19. I can't see them..then again I am on my phone..im sure itd show up on a computer.
  20. Yup... It was raining really hard today...over here, so glad for that promise

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