A Dark Thing Going On In Our Hospitals

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  1. My wife works for a doctor who is affiliated and located next to a hospital where he performs surgery on most of his patients. One elderly patient, who had up until recently, cared for his ailing wife(cancer). He personally cared for her even though he had cancer himself that had matastisized to his brain.
    This elderly man fell and broke his hip. He set up home healthcare for his wife so she would continue to receive care. He then went to go see the doctor my wife works for to get hip surgery. He received the surgery and while he was recovering, the doctor's assistant was stopped by the nurses. They wanted to know why the doctor would waste his time performing surgery on a man so elderly and ill. They wanted to know why the doctor would send them such patients.
    The assistant was flabbergasted and asked what was the man to do? Lay in bed the remainder of what was left of his life until he died ?(broken hips if left unrepaired often result in blood clots eventually killing the patient). The assistant then told them all the old man had done for his wife. Then turned a question back on them and asked what if he were the father of one of them? She received no answer and walked off.
    We are in a dark time when we are being judged and evaluated by hospital staff as to whether we are worth saving or not. What business is it of the nurses this man's story as to whether he is "worth it"?
    When age, health, employment, politics, race or religion are being used to demonize one another then we see how this can cheapen life, making us and making it easier for others to declare us disposable.
    I feel we need to pray for the future of healthcare as corporate hospital profit margins and overspent tax dollars are fixing a dollar value to human life not acceptable to our Lord.
    Question: should christians form hospital visitation groups to visit patients who might not be receiving the best of care and demand more accountability?
    At a minimum, I see a great need for prayer for those in hospitals in general but especially for those declared unworthy.
  2. Are you familiar with the "Liverpool Care Pathway". This has been instituted in Britain, and essentially it is government mandated euthenasia. Those patients deemed "not worth keeping alive" due to advanced age, poor health, poor quality of life (or whatever excuse they have this week) are put on sedatives and withheld medicine, food, and water until they die. If you look at the fine print in Obamacare you will notice that care is restricted to those deemed worthy here also. The PTB have decided that "only the productive are fit to live".
  3. You are so right Glo!

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