A Conversation

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  1. A Conversation

    God: Do you really think you should be doing that?

    Woman: YIKES! Oh, sorry, Lord! I forgot You were there!

    God: Do you really think you should be doing that?

    Woman: What? I am being industrious, doing a perfectly legitmate, honest work.

    God: While you are being so industrious, should you be having that kind of attitude?

    Woman: **busted!**

    God: What kind of attitude do you have today?

    Woman: Resentment.

    God: Is your resentful attitude helping or contributing anything?

    Woman: Well, its making ME feel better!

    God: Oh?

    Woman: Your right, Lord, the longer I think about it, the angrier I get, the more resentful I get, the more my mind is buzzing until I cant think straight!

    God: What kind of attitude SHOULD you be having?

    Woman: Love.

    God: And what is love?

    Woman: Love is patient, love is kind, love is thoughtful, love believes all things, hopes all things, love sees the best in people, expects the best, does not keep a record of wrongs....

    God: ....................

    Woman: Ok, Lord. I see where You are going with this, but You dont understand! They....

    God: I am dealing with YOU right now. What should your attitude be if you are to continue in your walk with ME?

    Woman: I should put a SMILE on my FACE! And sing a little DITTY! While I am doing what was asked of me so unthoughtfully!

    God: While you are gritting your teeth?

    Woman: Well.....

    God: What could you be doing instead?

    Woman:......Lord, I thank You for the opportunity to serve.

    God: That's better, keep going.

    Woman: Lord, I ask that you bless the people that have asked this of me. Bless them with Your presence and grace and blessings. Give them happiness and answer to prayers. Lord, I ask that you forgive me for my resentful attitude and hard heart. Please make me clean and right and take out this stony heart, and replace it with a soft one. A heart of service and blessing, love and good cheer.

    God: That's better, now dont you feel better?

    Woman: Yes, Father, I do. Thank You.

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