A Comparison Of Internet Filtering Services- We All Need Them

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are you using a filter

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  1. I think it would be useful to have a discussion on internet filtering. Any Christian who does not use filtering is asking for trouble. Internet porn is the fastest growing reason for divorce. Unbelievable behaviors are triggered that we don't even know are lurking in our characters. 50% of men, Christians or otherwise who use the net are using porn, 40% of pastors, 29% of women...

    There are several good filtering systems out there. Most are aimed at protecting children such as http://www.netnanny.com or http://cyberpatrol.com. These are fine but they provide an over ride password which will allow the "grownup" administrator to turn it off. If the "grownup has porn issues then this will not work for them.

    There are some excellent filters designed for adults (these will be fine for children as well). These systems do not provide an override password but instead if you want to remove or change it than the primary customer (your wife perhaps) would have to phone the filtering company and identify themself through security questions etc. A couple of these systems also include accountability reporting. This feature allows you to have an accountability partner who will receive email notifications if you are attempting to break through the filter to porn sites. The beauty of this is that the offender will get a phone call from their partner asking what is going on? These calls are uncomfortable and most folks try to be good so as to avoid them. For this kind of protection take a look at http://www.wisechoice.net , http://www.covenanteyes.com and http:www.xxxchurch.com.

    There are some free programs available but typically you get what you pay for.
  2. The only pawn I have issues with are those occupying K-Kt3. Kinda makes scholars mate a ghost dream.
    Ahh you mean pornography...that is an entirely different board game!
    Never play it myself, and my children are no more..:cry:.
    They are adult themselves now...have been since age 12....just ask them:)
  3. The best home defense I have found is using a router that you can set 'allowed' / "Trusted" sites on and blocking all incoming traffic. Anytime you use any search engine-the possibility is always there that SOME THING will pop up or route to your IP.

    I use Start Page (mostly) with privacy settings enabled for searching...
  4. I guess the problem is if children want to visit sites that are less than good, there is a problem with the child that needs 'filtering' out.
    All the ip blocking in the world will not clean out an unhealthy interest........and it is not an easy task to clean out an unhealthy mind.
    You can't wrap a child up in cotton wool, there is always the risk that they will visit a friend who can access bad sites so all your own home filtering will be for naught.
    Also with just about every child having their own ipad or better, file sharing at school is a biggy type issue.......how can that be stopped /policed/filtered?
  5. Yeah, the only problem relying on a router is if you are away from home with your laptop using wireless or a hotel connection....the accountability was the final thing for me.
  6. Exactly
  7. I was just going to comment on your hard working dog..(head down tail up! :)) but you changed it:sneaky:
  8. Since we all start with that old Adamic nature then we can only do the best we can...but we should still try. Then there is the issue of keeping our grown up selves out of trouble.
  9. hardly working!
  10. My daughter have a laptop or a phone? HA HA HA-after I'm dead....

    Thinking about cancelling my internet all together as a matter of fact....
  11. If someone has a problem with porn addiction, like an old boyfriend of mine :cautious: , simply go to the site and in your internet options, block it with a password-but type a bunch of letters quickly and just select OK. You'll never remember the password and you wont have the problem of being able to view the sites if you're tempted again. I believe you can do this when you filter any "adult" sites.
  12. The content blocker in windows is exceedingly crude and misses a great deal. A sure enough content filter will let you block dozens of specific categories, some will block the adult area of YouTube, provide time limits for kids, allow alerts if kids are giving information away on social networking sites etc. As I said, you get what you pay for. Most filters run about $50 per year for three computers. Some will work with both Macs and PCs and some won't.
  13. Not an issue, my wife and I own 2 laptops which are on the dividing counter between the kitchen and living room. All use in is the full view of all at home, so the kids do their homework, I do my net browsing, my wife does her email and shopping, all in plain view of any and all.
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  14. There is no such thing as a filter that can't be beat. They can all be worked around. If one has a problem with porn, then theyre better off using a combination of a good filter, such as k9, in combination with a good accountability partner along with accountability software such as what www.xxxchurch.com
  15. Sorry. Just though I'd put in my 2 cents.
  16. I read once that the internet was going to have an option - without porn sites www2, with porn sites available www or something like that, then wen customers want to sign up to an ISP they can choose what connection type Imagine the ISP tech, 'so what would you like with that sir Porn or non Porn?:ROFLMAO:.

    Also at times i fix locals PC's everytime they bring the pc in its the same old story, one aunt - my computa is slowed right down an i keep gettin a porn site as my browser homepage. Who is using your PC? My nephews use it only for ther music though:rolleyes: sure...they do. Her laptop after running a full virus scan came up with 360+ viruses many of them trogans and backdoor, so thats another good reason to stay away from those sites. I was amazed it started into windows tho took agood 10 min.

    Then the husband who drops his laptop of for a clean up, i ran DNS command in Windows Dosbox to see what sites this gentlman has been visiting behind his wifes back. So couple domain addresses show up enter each one into the address bar one turned out to be a porn site with the option to pay to view or download. Busted. so i search his hard drive and find a suspect folder in My Program files folder named Bus2 open that up to find hundreds of porn vids inside. Click on folder hit delete button go to recycle bin destroy content. Job done. I usually leave a txt file on the desktop. for owner to read what ive done an how to avoid with the simple instructions Stay away from porn sites!. Whether his wife reads that file i dont really care she should know anyway. He hasn't bought laptop back since.:giggle:
  17. I know at one time they were trying to do the "xxx" domain instead of "www". Not sure if that's still on the table or not-ask Al Gore-He invented the internet didn't he?
  18. According to the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony the internet was invented by Sir love myselfalot...can't remember his pseudonym.

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