A closer look on the book of hebrews

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  1. A closer look on the book of hebrews

    For one, I do not believe that the new testament everybody uses is complete nor accurate because of the people who assembled it.

    I will accept on faith that the four testimonies about Yeshua are accurate as a historic record, leaving references to "prophecies" aside like matthew tries to do a lot.

    The author of Hebrews is unknown and many suspect that it was paul. I largely disagree with those people because paul was pro Israel, and not anti israel like the book of hebrews is.

    I wish to go through the claims the book of hebrews makes, and the texts it quotes from the old testament and to hold it to the original and see how the book of hebrews holds up.

    I am just going to treat it like if somebody had sent me a bible study for me to check it out to see if it's correct.

    When I've posted something please do give comments about it and give me your opinions.

    For those who firmly believe the bible is without error: adapt your viewpoints please, the bible is not without error. This bible study will show it.
    There is a lot of truth in the bible, that the Father loves you, that He gave His only begotten son for you, that He gloryfied the son etc... but you need to filter out the personal opinions/interpretation of the authors and test those.

    There is more truth in the bible than most christians realise, and that is because they follow a roman introduced truth, by people who were disgusted by jews and wanted to distance themselves from the jews.
    I just hope to open a few eyes to what the bible really says. I am open to fair critics, if they are open for a delay in answers, because what most critics tend to do is give 10 arguments each, and usually there respond about 5 of em, so I need time for answers ;) Also I dislike offtopic things.
    Like this topic is about the book of hebrews, I do not wish to discuss the keeping of the torah in this topic, I will enter in a different discussion for that ;)

    I'll start soon in this thread, but in a moment i've got sabbath congregation, and I need to get ready for that ;)

    Shalom Aleichem,

  2. perhaps it is you who needs to "adapt your views" to the truth that the Bible does not contain error....? And your advocating this view (that the Bible does contain errors in the original manuscripts) leads to a slippery slope so that when you say "There is a lot of truth in the bible, that the Father loves you, that He gave His only begotten son for you, that He gloryfied the son etc..." the fact becomes this: if these things in Hebrews are false, then there is actually no more reason to believe that the Father loves you/us, that He gave us His Son, that He glorified the Son, etc.... for if you reject infallibility and inerrancy, then all Bible "study" simply becomes nothing more than going through the Bible and accepting or rejecting whatever parts of the Bible you want to.....

    you also say "but you need to filter out the personal opinions/interpretation of the authors and test those."
    True, and you know what...? So do you. While we need to try and be as objective as possible, pure absolute neutrality is in fact impossible. None of us can step out of ourselves, where we live, how we were raised, etc, and be purely objective, not you, and not me...though it is an admirable goal....

    I do look forward to your proving that Hebrews was any more "anti-Semitic†than.... say.... Jesus.... for He had some very harsh things to say about "Israel", so was He then anti-Semitic? I don't think so... neither do I think the author of Hebrews was anti-Semitic, though he may have had some strong criticism and spoke broadly about “Israelâ€â€¦. Usually, however, these are simply broad statements and are not o be taken literally any more than the areas of the Bible that use the word “all†when we know that in many cases, it was just a figure of speech and not to be taken literally….

  3. If you took just the writings of brothers and sisters in the early church you could recreate 99% of the new testament without the use of manuscripts- our brothers and sisters love God's Word so much that their communications left plenty of evidence to back up our wonderful bible- you are free to question whatever you want but I have a witness in my Spirit form the Holy Ghost that I can rest completely on it's validity!
    By the way I beleive you cannot truly love GOd's Word without having a true love for the Jewish people- God will fufil His promise to them.

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