A Case For Slavery

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  1. A Case for Slavery
    As I start with this case, I want to stress an important point that I feel like many miss. That is, in calling them "victims" we are being erroneous because the individuals we are talking about are not, strictly speaking human beings. They are, scientifically, described as a kind of proto-human. Not quite developed enough to be considered an "actual" human being, so to call them victims is actually disparaging to real humans.

    Now, aside from the biological perspective one must recognize an integral legal argument. The fifth amendment protect's a person privacy and property from undue intrusion. So, it this case, while it may seem odd, perhaps even inhumane to call them property, that is what they are. Until their connection to us is severed, they are as legally a part of our ownership as an arm or a leg. We may do what we wish with an arm or a leg because it is part of our body and our property, and likewise in the other case.

    Some will attempt to argue this institution is immoral but I would challenge that. If the one who "owns" it, wishes to say, terminate its life (I say it because of the biological facts), due to a lack of either will or ability to take care of it, certainly it would be more moral to end its life that force it to suffer under such circumstances. Some argue that it could be given away to someone who does want it, and to that I would simply have to point them back in the direction of the legality. If she does not want to give it to someone else, because it is easier or more convenient to simply end its life, that is her legal right.

    While some will certainly disagree with this assessment, one must recognize its admittance according to law and indeed the Supreme Court has already permitted it before, even as this is a case for... abortion.
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  2. You want a slave?
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  3. Is this a serious thread?
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  4. Yes, it's a case.
  5. I have some pretty cases.

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  6. That would be a really nice case for a slave.
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  7. Euphemia said I could!
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  8. First off the bible gives instructions for masters to be good to thier slaves, because they to have a master in heaven. However if you do some research on slaves in the bible it is nothing at all even similar to what slavery was in america. And since you want to mention ammendments in the constitution, check out the 13th ammendment, you know the one abe lincoln did. It aboloshes slavery. The bible says obey the laws of your land. And for the record, slaves in america were kidnapped and forced to do labor... not exactly the breakdown it gives for slavery in the OT. This thread is offensive and I hope it gets terminated
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  9. Euphemia gave you permission to have a slave? What's going on in Canada?
  10. Relax Edward. Its a satire. Its about abortion not slavery.
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  11. Oh. My bad. I guess the remarks early on got me worked up so much I failed to realize that.
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  12. Its okay. That was the aim. Haha to show the dehumanizing effect hard heartedness can have.
  13. Aw, Messiah your following me?
  14. One of your posts made me laugh yesterday, then I read it again today, and laughed again. Then I shared it with my wife, and she laughed. Her laugh made me laugh. I was at a coffee shop ordering an ice coffee with 2 pumps of vanilla. I remembered your post and started laughing. The barista saw me laughing, and didn't know why I was laughing, but started laughing, because she thought I was laughing for no reason. But, I was laughing for a reason. I was laughing because of your post. So now I am following you, waiting for my next laugh.
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  15. We should share some gay cake sometime!

    What post was it?
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  16. I don't think my wife would allow it. She barley let me have cupcakes for my birthday.
  17. She takes your cake? Why?
  18. She didn't think I should have cupcakes, because its not manly enough.
  19. That makes sense.
  20. Ever come accross Swift's A Modest Proposal which makes an economic case for eating babies?

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