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  1. So my boyfriend offered to let me stay with him .... I see so many pros and cons with this.

    If I go, one, me and him will finally be together. Two, I can finally save because here with my mom....ive been on my job 7 months and only have 80 bucks in my savings and my mom still needs more...not only that my brother works and he keeps his money to himself even though he gets paid more. My dad stayed out of work for a while ....I gave my mom everything I have from both my jobs and we still have to move... So its like it didnt matter anyway...because I keep helping my mom..my car isnt insured and I'm afraid of it being towed away. Third, ill be able to save.

    Now the cons; I hate going into a new place with absolutely nothing... I would have to start from ground zero with jobs and everything... But his family is welcoming... And I just hate being a burden..even if its for 2 seconds..I hate it..and I hate depending on people..

    Ive prayed and I'm waiting for an answer...all I can do now is just use common sense to guide me..

    All advice is welcomed.
  2. Temptation Temptation Temptation

    You thought about this?
    Truth be, advice from others should only be as conformation what God has already told you.

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  3. Well... at least it's an option... I mean if you continue doing the same thing you've been doing, you can't expect different results. And what would you regret more... taking a risk in order to change your circumstances, or stay in your "comfort zone" and wait for another opportunity that may or may not arrive?
    It's a tough descision... but it's yours to make. Are you prepared to take a leap of faith? Put lots of prayer into it & then "be still"... Then whatever you believe God tells you, that's what you do. Sometimes His answer isn't always what we want it to be.
    You've been wanting a change, this may, (or may not) be it. Either way, I will pray for you. God has a funny way of setting things in motion that make the impossible possible :) Trust Him.
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  4. True. I may need to leave my comfort zone..it is complewly scary..but staying with my mom I dont think I can grow. We only stay in one place for. Year until we have to move again and I give my money away to help her just to be broke and still have to move ...

    Do maybe this is best.
  5. Right. I have prayed and I will continue to pray :)

    I think this may be it idk I'm not sure at all..but maybe moving in with my bf will be the opportunity I need.
  6. So I'm assuming your bf has changed and is treating you better? Or have you just learned to cope with his shenanigans?

    I agree that it is your decision, and you have to decide which is worse.... I'll be praying for you, for The Fathers direction.
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    Well, whatever you decide, be sure it comes from FAITH , and not fear.
    Fear, depression, anger, anxiety, etc. are all bad things that work against us.

    And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)

    In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:6)

    Also, have you considered being a roommate with someone who is "neutral", meaning some who you are not in a close relationship with? If that is an option, it may be more suitable, less stressful, and stable for you?
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  8. Just a reminder to all who reply to base your responses in a way that offers prayer and very general advice...

    God bless you all

    Rule 3.2d Due to liability concerns, CFS does not, under any circumstances, allow the posting of professional, clinical or psychological advice for members. This is especially enforced in the "Personal" posting areas. Anyone who offers professional, clinical or psychological advice may face warnings or banning from CFS and all posts will be removed. Even those persons who are licensed psychologists or therapists MAY NOT offer professional advice at the CFS Forum or by way of Private Messaging. The staff at CFS recommends that members who need answers should meet with a licensed and insured local Christian Consultant in your home area
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  9. Yes. Better :) and yeah I have to do something bc I dont feel I can grow here with my mom...I will never be able to live my life if I'm constantly pouring into hers... For now I'm just gonna wait and stay in prayer...and just do what I'm doing which is working and studying and ...praying.
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  10. Sounds like your on the right track. One suggestion... let go of the frustration of your situation. The frustration towards your brothers and dad. Otherwise you won't be clear to hear correctly what the Father is saying.

    Glad to hear your getting treated better
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  11. This is both good and bad.
    Faith is always a requirement and Faith pleases the Father and we know this.

    However there are a lot of things people call faith that is nothing but foolishness.
    People can pray and want something and can very much influence their own thinking unto the point they think it's God.

    People also tend to do things out of so called faith and expect God to back it.
    If God was not in it then God is not going to back it.

    When seeking an answer such as this, one must be willing to be willing to lay it all on the alter and give it all up.

    Meaning one must be willing to accept that so and so may not even be some one God wants in your life.

    One must be willing to accept that none of their desires or choices being prayed for are even what God wants.

    When you can empty yourself of your desires and wants and have the attitude or mind set that this might not be a road I would choose to walk out, but never the less I will walk it knowing you Father have my best in mind and will get me through it, this is when you end up on the right path.

    No just doing something in Faith does not make it right or leed one to the correct place in Christ.

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  12. Jim, thank you for clarifying what I was meaning. I completely agree & don't want anything I might post to be misleading to anyone.
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  13. This is so true. I love my bf but he wants me to stay with him but I also want to be sure my mom is okay I cant be in another state knowing shes struggling just because he wants me where he's at. I love him a lot...its just a hard decision to make.

    But I'm not doing anything till my mom is alright...if I know shes okay..ill have a peace of mind...

    And can then make a decision.
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  14. It pays to say the same thing many different ways. Lol like one of my Pastors used to say, "I am going to say this so many ways that you will have to understand "

    Pluss far to many claim faith when it's pure foolishness.
    Blessings and keep on writing from your heart.
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  15. They say the grass is greener on the other side...... yet it still needs mowed and weeded as well.

    People who have yet learned how to properly weed and care for their own lawn, will soon turn that greener yard to trash as well.

    It's the same in our lives.
    If we can not find Peace and contentment where we are at, then we won't keep it when we get to the so called better place.

    Scripture tells us we need to learn to be content in All Situations. This does not say settle for but it means being in Peace and Thanksgiving .
    This is when God the Father can change things.

    But running from uncomfortable situations is Not Always the right answer.
    God will leed us to some pretty uncomfortable places in our lives to build in us making us more like Him, so we will be able to go to where He wants to take us.

    Now when we run from it unto something better when God indeed was working in us, then it's only temporary. Soon it will become even worse then the place we left. For God will work in us what He wants and yes we can choose to walk around that mountain for 40 years if we like, but we won't move forward until we accept and obtain what He wants worked into us.

    Just something to think about
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