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a 78 year old lady but young at heart

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by GentleDove, May 17, 2009.

  1. GentleDove

    GentleDove New Member

    a 78 year old lady but young at heart

    :jesus-sign:lover. God has blessed me with 6 children, 16 grands and 14 greats. They keep me quite busy.

    Much of my time is posting my many testimonies and Bible studies :read-bible: on several sites.
    I don't have a car so I'm stuck unless someone takes me somewhere.
    That is perfect for my ministry! God arranged this!

    I am in a high rise but not interested in much of their doings.

    I am going with a church group tonight to sing at a nursing home. This I do a couple times a month to different homes.

    :israel::groupray:I do like to chat as you will find out eventually. Enuff for now.

    God bless you.
  2. ILOVEUSA911

    ILOVEUSA911 New Member


    So glad you found us!!! Looking forward to chatting with you, as I'm a chatter myself.

    Blessings, Cheri
  3. godbe4me

    godbe4me Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to the Forum. We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Dusty

    Dusty Inactive

    Praise God . You are so welcome here and we will really enjoy all your chatter . You do sound like a very busy lady .

    So welcome my dear to the forum . Please take time to read the forum rules . Thanks ...


    Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.
  5. Cool- 78 years young!! Welcome my sister!:):D
  6. New2Christ

    New2Christ New Member


    Hello and welcome to the forum
  7. sariah001

    sariah001 New Member

    Hello from a fellow Pennsylvanian. :)
  8. adonaicole

    adonaicole Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome and thanks for sharing, God has blessed you abundantly.
  9. angelika

    angelika New Member

    Welcome, welcome :D
    I love Grannys ^^ Their my favorite people in the world...
    And we schould have more than just two <.<

    So I'm glad to have you here ^^
  10. Deborah

    Deborah New Member

    :welcome:to one granny from another! :)
  11. GrannyG

    GrannyG Member

    I know you will enjoy the fellowship of other Christians on this site. They will encourage and lift you up when your heart feels low and they will rejoice with you when your spirit soars.
  12. Great to have you here GrannyG...

    Welcome to the forums :)

    God Bless
  13. GentleDove

    GentleDove New Member

    God is good to me

    New addition due on New Year's Day 2010!!!:) Baby # 15! PTL!
  14. Tavy

    Tavy New Member

    Hello and welcome to CFS.
    GBU Tavy
  15. nikljones

    nikljones Active Member

    Welcome to the site. You'll find the people here very nice and this site is very refreshing and rewarding. Don't be a stranger. We'll love hearing from you.
  16. Jonah's Whale

    Jonah's Whale New Member

    Welcome GrannyG. Hope to see you post often!

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