9-year-old Girl Accidentally Kills Shooting Range Instructor

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  1. Respectfully, this is clean video from YouTube showing the fact of how it happened before accident point the gun to the shooting range instructor. Believe me, it doesn't show the tragic part.

    So... really teaching 9 years old? I wouldn't let my daughter touch the too powerful weapons. Only handgun and rifle at maybe when she's turning 13? Well, what do you think?

    My condolences out to the family and friends. Praying for 9 years old girl.
  2. No child should be given a gun until they are at least 12.
  3. I agreed

    I read some of the comment from the news. Most comments are saying like this, "That American idiot..." o_O

    I'm like... really?
  4. Well sadly it is an American thing to do this.

    You will not hear of a Japanese person teaching their child to handle a gun.
    Nor a Brit or a Swede.

    This is a very American thing. Mainly because the nation was born of the gun. And idolises it as well.
  5. Yee-Haw! I assumed that the Western were true history. I love western cowboys stuff. I have series book of "Last Mountain Man" by Williams W. Johnstone. I love Hell on Wheels TV Shows, and so on.
  6. Yes. Not something to be overtly happy with when you consider the damaged the guns have caused.
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    Lol, same thread running on my gun forum. I'm thinking some folks here might not be too familiar with firearms usage and children based on the random ages being thrown out. Age doesn't matter; upbringing, education, mental capacity, and strength do.

    The girl was not properly trained and did not have the strength to handle the gun on full auto. This is not the girls fault, it is the instructor's and he paid the ultimate price for it. I know seven and eight year olds who can shoot the bullseye out of a target with an SKS at 100 yards. Likewise, those same children can draw from a holster and can rapid fire five or six shots COM from seven yards with a .45.

    Again, proper training is the key. The ability to be properly trained does not come from some magical age. In fact, the younger the training begins, the better off the individual is. Just like with playing an instrument.
  8. What damages have guns caused? Guns are inanimate objects that are unable to do anything without human interaction. I know people have caused damage by utilizing a gun but I also know people have caused damage by utilizing a motor vehicle. In fact, the amount of damage caused by motor vehicles every year far surpasses the amount of damage caused by firearms. And if we compare accidental versus intentional damage, whoa, Nellie, the gap is huge! ...as in, waaaaaaaay more damage is caused by motor vehicles. Do you utilize motorized transportation?
  9. I would never submit a child under the age of 12 to weapons training with a gun.

    And no less than 10 with a blunt weapon or blade.

    A 9 year old has no business learning weapons training until they have had some unarmed training first.
  10. In the world of weapons in the US the gun has caused more device propelled deaths than any hand held one has.

    Now yes accidents cause more deaths as does disease. But concerning weapons, the gun has the capacity to dispense death in far greater numbers with less skill than any other weapon.

    No more complicated than a camera.
  11. Those same kids began learning H2H skills at age three. So, yes, I agree with the progression, but I still hold steadfast that age does not matter.

    And if we were to remove firearms then another tool would be used. In the Middle East all they have to do is push a button for BOOM!
  12. FYI the First Amendment is free speech... the Second Amendment is the right to bear arms so you can defend the first from the government! It has NOTHING to do with hunting...
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  13. Absolutely correct. Then original intent is for the people to have the exact same weapons that the government has.

  14. No it doesn't.

    Hunting good use of firearms. Unless it is an M60 you're using to hunt deer.

    Then you might want to get yourself a checkup from the neck up.
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