9/11 Anniversary Service Was Strange Place For Devil’s Salute... Or Was it?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. don,t bravo use it for there tv shows?
  2. bravo uses the devils horns over here.
  3. I like horns better on cows-:D
  4. your shows you sort them out,enough of this rubbish.
  5. a loop with 2 horns is rubbish.liverpool...loop,r,evil.
  6. Totally different station than the Bravo we have in the US. I was gonna link to their site, but there is some softcore porn on their homepage. Logo is a circle with "devil horns" on top. Just to fill everyone in.
  7. have you seen the new prison break commercial.?satan is trying to overcome us,lol,when satan gets courage then we will sing.:)
  8. Don't have cable and I never watch TV. Life is better when you put that stuff behind you.
  9. very true but i need to know what chicken boy is doing so i have knowledge to warn others,plus who made him my tv smuck.
  10. Do you think you might be a little fixated on the devil SC- he seems to be the star in most of your threads.This is not an attack just an honest ?
  11. Honestly... I think there is some pretty messed up stuff that happens amongst the people in power... but who cares? Even if all of the conspirasies were true, 9/11 was an inside job, the president is an iluminati, molach is this and that blah blah blah, how does that affect us as christians? The conspiracy theorists have actual facts taht they present, that should be accepted... but all of the theories and the "tie it all together" parts prove nothing more than the theorists own phychological condition. Has anyone noticed a trend among the conspiracy sites? They are all poorly done, poorly communicated, and conclusions are drawn declarative statements are made that aren't explained. I think that there are no good quality non-rambling conspiracy sites for good reason.
  12. nope not at all,know your enemy and his ways and warn others about them.
  13. Good point. If we were totally swayed by the mass of information spread across the mass media we would surely go crazy! One viewpoint tells us this, whilst another tells us that etc.

    As christians we have the truth directly from God! Do not let all these inferior 'types' of truth affect us.

    It is a fact that nearly all American Presidents are freemasons, just as nearly all British prime ministers are (or were, sorry for tense muddling).

    Freemasons are good people, yet in my estimation are misguided.

    President Bush was also a member of the 'skull & bones' society. Take a look at some of the imagery involved with that cult!

    No country in this world can class itself as righteous. All nations will one day be replaced with the kingdom of heaven.

    Remember that God waited for the sins of the land of the Canaanites to come to completion before he destroyed it. Every country in this world is with sin. Let us focus on Him who is without sin - Jesus Christ.
  14. Both sides of the 9/11 issue are too mired in their own inability to budge to see other possible explanations. Do I think it was an inside job? No way. Do I think that a few random Islamic nutjobs had the training and luck to pull off 9/11 on their own? No way.

    There is no singular direction to point the finger of blame.
  15. There was nothing random about it- it was the result of years of planning after the first attempt failed.
  16. As I said in my post, I completely agree...they most certainly were not random, and yes, there was a great deal of planning that went into it.

    My point is that I simply don't believe that an independent group of militants managed to pull off the single most deadly attack on US soil in history all by themselves. Let me make it VERY CLEAR that I am not positing that our Government had a clandestine hand in the planning or execution of 9/11. However, I don't believe for one second that Al Qaeda, Hammas, the PLO, IRA, or ANY of the world's terrorist organizations (past or present) had the resources or intelligence to pull it off alone. Who helped them? I don't know.

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I certainly don't believe everything I read, either.
  17. One thing was sure they had alot of money and resources from the Saudi's.
  18. they trust the evil spirit there living god,satan travels from ungodly,to ungodly,seeing how these people trust this spirit if i was any country i would have christians in there higher profiled jobs.

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