9/11 Anniversary Service Was Strange Place For Devil’s Salute... Or Was it?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. 9/11 Anniversary Service Was Strange Place For Devil’s Salute... Or Was it?

    I have seen our President and others show this symbol in other articles and I have my own opinion, but I was just curious what others might think? If it means nothing that's fine, just asking.

  2. Very interesting....

    And a quote from the article,
    While attending Yale, Bush joined a satanic cult called Skull and Bones."
  3. Every major US leader in the last 50 years has been a member.
  4. Bush is a Longhorn fan- are we sure that is not what he was thinking?:rolleyes:
  5. Pretty sure it was just how he was holding his hand. Or maybe he was expecting the speaker to say something really rockin' \m\>.</m/
  6. He could have spotted another Longhorn fan in the crowd.
  7. Or Axel Rose was the speaker
  8. You guys are funny!
    I am one who actually likes Bush....should I run and take cover now?

  9. Interesting info to view, for sure.....
    It is hard to know.
    satan does deceive in his sly and subtle ways.......

  10. Wow...LOTS of blatantly false info in that link. Anyone who knows ASL can elaborate, but they are totally mixing signs.
  11. I just found it interesting that it was a Canadian Journalist who did the reporting. Interesting but we cannot believe all we read.especially from the media.:confused::confused:
  12. Bush is still the man- our nation has been under attack for 20 years and someone had to do something.
  13. So I'm not alone, Bro. Larry?


  14. nah, it's cool. Just incredible what people will do to prove just how out of touch they are. Well over half of the "devil-signs" people were giving are actually ASL for "I love you". Yet the writer went into great depth about how one version means satan, another means evil, etc... Totally out of touch and misinformed. People like this really just hurt their own cause, because some portions of what they say actually have facts. He decided that the facts alone didn't support his case, so he threw in a bunch of "really condemning" evidence.

    But that is the problem. I've seen this before. I once read this book designed to prove how all Christian Rock music was satanic. Their central theme was that all the bands had a "logo" on all their CD covers and that satanist use similar logos to identify themselves. I remember how excited the person that let me borrow it was because he "got me now". After reading it, the "satanic logos" that they were referring to was the "star song" logo. As good Christian music supporters, I think we all know that Star Song is a Christian publishing company for many, many types of Christian music. Their logo used to be on all CDs that they produced.
  15. I'm still leaning towards the 911 was an inside job end of things after watching numorus docs (most bias one way or the other I might add) but I won't get into that now.
  16. Two different times these guys blew up the twin towers- there are certainly alot of crazy consperacy theories out there but after decades of attacks on our troops, embassies, assests and people it is not hard to figure out who did all of this.
    Anyway there is way to much of this corrupt Michael Moore type of truth twisting and deception in the form of unfactual documentaries. It is just to easy to see thru to give it any real credence.
  17. There was an excellent documentary on either the History or Discovery channel which discussed the conspiracy.

    There was no bias, just good science and engineering. They took each item and dealt with it showing how the conspiracy could not have happened the was it's portrayed.
  18. I saw it too- an excellent lesson in engineering.

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