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    What's accurate about believing that an event is an act of God or Satan, hinging on one's own personal view, or "theological foundation"?

    God doesn't give a flip for one's personal theology. He is who He is. He expects us to get with His program, not the other way around.
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  2. @Euphemia you are right God is who he is. I am also what I am. You might see me as funny, because your study of me draws you to that conclusion, but I could be very serious and not funny at all. So even though I am who I am you have an idea of who I am. Regardless if you are wrong are right. Also I am accurate when I say it depends on the view of theology your looking at. There Are two different types of theology for believers
    1. Calvinism
    2. Arminianism
    Each have 5 points of their doctrine. You and I and Jim and every other believer fall into one of those theological groups.
    Won't give all five points but to stay on point Calvinist believe in predestination and that God is in control of all things. Nothing happens without his hand in it.
    On the other hand you have Arminianist who believe that man has free will. And God gave up those things due to sin. Please research these things before you go off and tell me how inaccurate and wrong I am. I understand if you disagree and that's ok. But I accurate when I say it depends on your theology are you as Calvinist or Arminianist. You fall in one or the other you and Jim are Arminianist. You believe in free will. But we both agree on the most important thing that Jesus is the only way to heaven, and you must believe in him to be saved.
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    You are venturing into forbidden areas of discussion. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of this forum... thanks.

    God is who He is...that statement stands. We need to know Him, and our various man-made theologies and little boxes we put ourselves in shouldn't have a bearing on us knowing Him in all His wonderful, glorious ways---but it seems some people let it happen.
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  4. Euphemia, you are missing the point by miles. Please stick to the subject matter at hand.
    God's will is supreme, not a single flake of snow falls without His say so. He has granted us free will, and we do more or less as we please, but that does not lessen His authority.
    Anything Satan does to anyone he does with God's permission. I.e. God is fully aware of what is going on and does not interfere.
    All of Nature is God's creation and is subject to His sovereign will, so earthquakes, storms, lightening, you name it, are at His disposal and occur at His whim.
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  5. I'm not missing any point, here. Satan does whatever he can. This is his domain. He is the god of this world. God intervenes when His people pray and intercede.

    God is not directing weather. He has set weather in motion. Satan uses it in this realm for his purposes--to kill and destroy.
  6. A good example of this is the story of Job.
  7. Don't we see from the history of the world, and what we know of future events, that Satan is being permitted some scope to operate? There'll come a time when that will end, Satan will be dealt with finally. It would be quite wrong to suggest that God is powerless to constrain Satan at the present time, or that anything is outwith His control.
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