8 Weeks Til~

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by violet, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. 8 Weeks Til~

    And I'm counting down the days!!!
    I'm done with winter~


  2. Oh, I hope so... :(

    Where I am located at the moment, it is 12 degrees below zero F., 17 inches of snow on the ground, wind chill at 37 degrees below zero, the natural gas meter attached to the furnace is in a never ending money countdown and I just looked out the window and saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking... now THAT'S COLD. :eek:

    In my current location, it will be the middle of May before the frost melts fully in the ground and the snow melts. The weather bureau says of my area: "There are four seasons... June, July, August and Winter." :D

    A truer statement has never been told!! :)
  3. Pastor Gary, here it is just the opposite, there are two seasons: Summer (April to October) and not-Summer (November to March)! :cool: I am not really sure whether bad cold or heat is worse...

  4. Thanks for the update - If you need some Air Conditioning suppliments, I can UPS what we have outside right now to you postage paid...

    45 MPH winds, 2 to 3 inches of snow per hour and white-out blizzard conditions. Oh, Joy! :eek:
  5. Birds will be singing, flowers will be blooming , sun will be shining and the days will get longer!:D
  6. I can't wait!!!!!

  7. Classic Springtime Poem from The Bronx, New York...

  8. I love it!!!!!
  9. :cool::cool::cool:ha ha ........bring on the spring. Today we are under a winter storm watch again. I have cleaned my driveway three times already and it is still snowing .... LOl.... so tired.
  10. Are you sure Violet? All I can see is snow and rain and darkness...ha, ha... Is it true that this will all pass? The cold will be replaced by sunshine and warmth, the beautiful flowers with their sweet perfume will rise up to greet us and the birds will sing for joy...

    I sure hope so, I'm done with winter too..:israel:
  11. Hey Don ..... I can sympathize with you . Today is the fourth time in two days I have cleared my driveway of snow..... Need a good man to help.... wanted... ha ha . Do you know any body , Don ?

    Anyways after our severe winter blast yesterday now today the groundhog did not see his shadow.... not that I believe this nonsense but legend has it that we will have an early spring.... Well I am sure looking forward to that , Don just like you.

    Wiarton Willie fails to see shadow, predicts early end to winter - Yahoo! Canada News
  12. Violet,
    Where do you come up with all these fabulous graphics - thank you. I've started copying them.

    Larry II
  13. I wouldn't gladly shovel your driveway, though I think I might have to fight boanerges for the shovel.
  14. No Don I am a lover not a fighter!!! Perhaps we can take turns shoveling!
  15. Ahhhh ...... Sweet..... You guys are the best. I wouldn't let my dear son do it with his back problem. I would rather do it myself.:D:D:D
  16. Mom what kind of flowers and plants grow up there? Do you have to redo everything on a yearly basis or do you have some cold hardy beauties?

    PS: You might be surpised what this crip can do!!!
  17. Hey, Larry - I can GUARANTEE that Palmetto, Royal Palms and Live Oak will NOT grow in Canada outdoors!!! LOL...
  18. So I won't be bringing my palm trees either!:)

  19. No sorry Larry.... my friend. I would love to have a palm tree but I guess I'll just have to come and visit you to see one ...... He he :D:D:D

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