3 Ingredient Dessert and Rose Hip Jelly Recipe request

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  1. 3 Ingredient Dessert and Rose Hip Jelly Recipe request

    Does anyone have a good jelly recipe for Rose Hip Jelly? I had some a few years ago, but it was manufactured. I'd like to find out what kind of rose hips make the best jelly too, so if anyone knows please share!!

    My recipe for today:

    3 Ingredient Dessert

    Granny smith apples chopped
    snickers bars (3 for every apple) chopped
    cool whip

    mix all and serve.

    It tastes a lot like a good caramel apple with chocolate and peanuts. The cool whip serves to mellow out the flavors and bind it together.

    When I take it to a potluck, I never come home with any leftovers, and end up giving out the recipe.

  2. I found a recipie for ya KG and who ever else needs it.

    Rosehip Jelly Recipe

    I eat rose petals myself in a salad with raspberry vinegarett.The hips are jam packed with vitamin c and very good for you. You'll see when you see the link. Hope this helps KG.

    Chili out:D:cool:
  3. Thanks!

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