24th sept, get ready

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  1. Ok, I heard it from a pastor on tv on Benny Hinn,
    I personally don't expect to see anything happen.
    I also don't like pastors who ask for money:
    like I think you need to give a gift of $1000,
    yep god is telling you to for your financial miracle to sew into this ministry 1000 dollars today, quick write out the cheque,
    get your credit card before the feeling, I mean the blessing passes.
    give me a break.
    Giving is an act of worship and thanks, as people are moved in their hearts, either in themselves or by God.
    Asking does not feel right to me, this is not to say telling them to give is wrong,
    people need to give as an act of worship and to show LOVE
    and to show their heart is changing.
    Time is money, if you don't give money you can volunteer time. But I don't think you can put ANY amount on ANY person, they need to be talking with God and walking in LOVE.
    Anyway back to the 24th,
    see you on the 25th.
    If its in heaven we'll meet for a cuppa coffee in the new Jerusalem about 3030 AD.
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  2. I agree with this.

    Now I'm confused Thallon. Late Sept is the prediction of economic downfall, but what is this 3030 stuff?
  3. LOL, he's saying let's meet in the new Jerusalem when it is the equivalent to 3030 AD for coffee :)
  4. @Abdicate:
    What year is it now that the Jews celebrate on their calendar?
  5. At sunset on Sunday it will go from 5775 to 5776.

    But according to my study, it will actually be 5992 at sunset Sunday. The Jews changed their calendar to match bar-Kokhba's birth so as to show him as being the messiah instead of Jesus, which shows He came and started His ministry exactly at the start of the fourth millennium from creation, which is why they were looking for Him at that time.
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  6. Thank you! I knew you'd know!
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  7. Jesus rules the Earth for 1000 years, then there is a new Jerusalem and a new earth.....I think....
  8. But 5992 would be irrelevant as a date for that reason.
  9. Why would the truth be irrelevant?
  10. because they, the jews, changed their calendar to match bar kotbas birth,
    and bar kothba who was he? hes no-one from a scriptural perspective even if jews make him one...in my opinion.
  11. You are correct. they only changed what year it is but by how much was lost. Though I know because I used the word of God as the foundation of my study and as of today the year from creation is exactly 5992 being that today is 1 Tishri.
  12. Sorry I misunderstood,
    so we are in 5992 years from creation, do you have a chart or timeline I can look at, you know with all the births deaths, events like the flood etc etc
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  14. You sure get into your work Ab :) I like it :cool:
  15. Thanks brother. It took me ten years to iron it all out. Though I'm not sure it's very well received because I buck some historical beliefs because they don't fit the word of God.
  16. Don't worry bout the other guy. I like what your doing :D
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  17. Thanks brother. I truly want the truth not to be right. If you do read any of it and discover an error, please let me know so I can investigate it.
  18. i'm going to read it, I've saved it all, now just got to have some time...
    by the way the 24th came and went, we're all still here, in Australia anyway, even the stockmarket went up today.
  19. What were you expecting to happen on the 24th?
  20. I didn't expect anything to happen just as I dont' expect the blood moons to have any effect, it was mentioned on benny hinn that the 24th of sept would be important and the next 12 months would be important.
    I won't be surprised if the stockmarket loses 40% in value over the coming 4 months, but I don't associate that with blood moons.
    to me the timeline of future events is
    Beast 2020 to 2030 , who I think will lift ISIS to take over Iraq. War rules happily across the middle east, north africa and up into Europe, till the 7 year peace deal is signed.
    Jesus ruling 2030 to 3030
    only approximately.

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