2016 Olympics

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  1. Is anyone watching it?
    I watched the London games as I am from England, however I have no interested in watching this years games.
    Is anyone feeling the same way?

    To be honest, I find the Olympic games boring.
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  2. Wow I need to get out more, I did not even know it was Olympic time again.
    So to answer your question, no I guess I am not going to be watching.
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  3. I'm not even watching the news about it! :p
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  4. I think for me it is a sin to watch the news. Lol......yikes
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  5. It hasn't been advertised that much; that is perhaps why you may not have realised the Olympic games are currently underway.
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  6. I don't either, however when I listen to the radio in my car in the morning, it is reported a great amount on there; I do listen to talk radio though.
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  7. I been watching. Mostly swimming so far cuz I swam competitively for 18 yrs. I'm not fast any more but I'm still smooth hehehehehehehe
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  8. I think over the years it's become less interesting? I don't really keep up with it either, only when something spectacular happens e.g when our small country wins a medal lol.

    Although this year, I've noticed there's alot more criminal activity going on - I wonder if it has to do with location? Thoughts?
  9. I certainly think the location plays a part.
    Brazil is known for its gang crime and troublesome behavior; to be honest I was expecting something to happen.
    Brazil is also known for diseases - a British reporter is serious ill with a rare strain of malaria caught whilst there.
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  10. I
    I saw that on the news. Very sad.

    And yes - there's of course the USA swim team apparently making up stories about getting robbed etc. Not pointing any fingers btw :)
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  11. Hahaha :D.
    I believe during the diving event the pool turned green which was embarrassing for the organizers. :oops:
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  12. It's almost over
  13. I know - to be honest I have barely noticed it has been on apart from the news reports. :)
  14. The question is.....why did it turn green? :LOL:
  15. True. :sick:
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  16. I love the Olympics. I watch them every time they are on - Winter & Summer. If I can't watch them, I record them. Go USA!!!!
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  17. Hello @TammyHenson and welcome to the forums! :)
    What are your favourite events?
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  18. They have definitely embarrassed the US with their entitled behavior. The world already looks at us like brats & now they back that opinion up. GRRRR
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  19. I only see it while i'm flipping channels, I try to avoid it as much as possible.
    Really I think if you wanted a fair competition then all the swimmers would have to weigh the same, have the same height
    and eat the same before the race and then it would be all mental toughness.
    The hype makes me sick: the hopes of the nation rides on you, we all felt your pain, the fastest person in history,
    yes the whole country is behind you,.....
    no we're not, I don't care if you come last.
    Its disgusting the way governments around the world convince their country to fork out billions of dollars for the games
    in the hope of tourism and building new stadiums and then paying them off for years.
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  20. Yes. And apparently the lower class citizens of Brazil have the sour end of the stick as none of the profits invested from these games will benefit them.

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