2013 War On Christmas

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  1. 2013 War on Christmas
    What happens on a typical Christmas other than the usual restrictions on Christian expression.
    (hint: wouldn't stop at just being "neutral" and preventing Christians from being "offensive".)

    - Columbia University hosts “XMAS!”, a production where the Virgin Mary is seen begging for sex
    - “Naked Holidays NYC ’09″ and “Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol” are nude productions competing with gay shows titled “Santa Claus is Coming Out” and “The Gayest Christmas Present Ever” in New York City
    - Those who want to see baby Jesus electrocuted can see “Hot Babes in Toyland,” while those who want to see a fetal rabbit morph into baby Jesus are advised to see “A Very Sandwich Christmas”, also in New York City
    - “The Eight: Reindeer Monologues” is being performed in Philadelphia and features a discussion of Santa raping Vixen.
    - Seattle is home to “Ham for the Holidays: Lard Potion No. 9,” a play that sparkles with a “teeny-tiny Sequin Gay Men’s Chorus.” Also in Seattle is “It Came from Under the Tree!: A Pickled Puppet Christmas Special” that features nudity and a Michael Jackson character who envies Santa’s way with children.
    - “How the Drag Queen Stole Christmas” is being shown in Oakland, California - “Madonna’s Christmas Celebration,” one that features a sexual deviant dressed as the Virgin Mary: he/she talks about the difficulty of having sex with God, coining the phrase “Oh, my God” while having sex with him (this plays in several venues coast-to-coast).

    The War on Christmas is really trending.

    Social Trends:
    https://www.facebook.com/WarOnChristmas a new page on the war getting ~2k fans in 2-3 days.
    https://www.facebook.com/KeepChristInChristmas old page with 500k likes
    Campaigns to Keep Christ in Christmas http://teespring.com/christ-mas launching

    Bill O'Reilly started in late October.
    Sarah Palin's new book on the war will be launching on 12th Nov.
    Fox news &
    The Christmas Candle showing support

    How Should Christians react?
    I think It's about time that Christians stood up for their First Amendment rights to free speech regarding our religion. That same amendment specifically "prohibits the making of any law that impedes the free exercise of religion," yet we have sat silently while our religious freedoms have been taken from us, one by one. Freedom of religion in America has come to mean freedom to be anything but Christian. Let's change that. A great place to start is by keeping Christ in Christmas.
  2. I do my best not to have anything to do with Christmas. I don't even think it's on the correct day Messiah was born. People even think there were 3 wise men, but the bible doesn't even specify how many wise men there where.

    There is even a scripture in the 1st testament that says-

    Jeremiah 3:13 NKJV
    Only acknowledge your iniquity, That you have transgressed against the Lord your God, And have scattered your charms To alien deities under every green tree, And you have not obeyed My voice,' says the Lord.

    There is also another scripture that says something to the effect of not standing a tree in your house, or nailing it too the floor. I can't find it now, but I know it is in the bible, I've read it before.

    Also, did you know that celebrating Christmas was illegal in the U.S. at one time?


    And there are other article documenting this ^^^.

    I'm okay with people celebrating it, I just don't subscribe to it. Just me and how I am.

    I'd rather celebrate the festivals that we are told to celebrate in the bible. Like Jesus did.
  3. In a way dUmPsTeR I agree with, but I also find myself at midfield with the idea that we SHOULD celebrate Christ's birth. In my short experience on this earth, it is one of only possibly 2 times a year that believers and unbelievers/ saved and unsaved, gather and worship something other than themselves.

    Unfortunately in my lifetime, I have seen "Christmas" become a commercialized orgy of unholiness and "Easter" swept aside by popular culture. Instead of "Easter Vacation" we have "Spring Break" where teenagers and young adults become whores, harlots and adulterers.

    We ARE in perilous times; pray the Lord not tarry...
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    How should Christians react to our society's general rejection of Christ?

    Probably not
    - with surprise, or righteous anger
    - by capitalizing on an opportunity to sell sloganed t-shirts

    How can we worship Christ at Christmas?
    Romans 12:1 says it all.

    I think a good example of the application of Romans 12:1 is the work the Red Frogs do here in Australia. "Schoolies" in Aus is a rite of passage for year 12 grads, to celebrate the achievement of their completion of high school. It works out to being something pretty similar to "spring break" in North America. Red Frogs is a Christian organization "committed to 'safeguarding a generation' through support and education." One of the things they do is attend schoolies celebrations (wearing red shirts to be identified) and make sure everyone is safe. They provide safe transport for drunk people back to hotels, they keep an eye on celebrations to prevent violence and sexual violence. They have incredible respect from Aussies, and anyone who volunteers for Red Frog will be able to tell you how surprisingly willing people are to talk about spiritual matters with you if they can see that your love is genuine. I guess some Christians could choose, instead, to stand on a street corner with a megaphone condemning schoolies celebrations, or calling it a "war on innocence" or something like that, but The Red Frogs are instead a safe haven for people in trouble at schoolies, and as far as I'm concerned, that's being a living sacrifice.

    So I can't see how people mocking Christian iconography is a "war on Christmas." If anyone wants to "keep Christ in Christmas," don't buy a t-shirt about it. Just get out there and be a living sacrifice. Identify what the people around you need at Christmas, and just do it. Who's taking away our freedom to do that? People may not want to be preached at, but if we serve them in genuine love, they will be willing to listen.
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  5. Very well put Brother Roads
  6. I must agree with dUmPsTeR on this point.. Scripture would agree too.
    These are the set times of the LORD, the sacred occasions, which you shall celebrate each at its appointed time. (Leviticus 23:4)

    These are the feasts Yeshua (Jesus) Kept and as believers it is a blessing to observe the richness of God's Salvation in every detail of every feast.
    It was on Mount Sinai that God gave Moses the dates and observances of the seven feasts. Here are their names:
    Passover (Pesach) - Nisan 14-15
    Unleavened Bread(Chag Hamotzi) - Nisan 15-22
    First Fruits (Yom habikkurim) - Nisan 16-17
    Pentecost (Shavu'ot) - Sivan 6-7
    Trumpets (Yom Teru'ah) - Tishri 1
    Atonement (Yom Kippur) - Tishri 10
    Tabernacles (Sukkot) - Tishri 15-22
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  7. I'll be honest -- one of the things that concerns me is the misunderstanding of Christmas on both sides. On one side, it's the common concern that many have that it has become commercialized, removed its importance, etc. But then on the other hand, those who speak out against this want to distance themselves from it so much that they disregard Christmas altogether.

    We shouldn't forget that Christmas, no matter the specific date, no matter what some have attempted to do to the celebration, no matter even if it isn't one's favorite time -- it is still a reserved day in recognition of Christ's birth. It is still an important moment to remember God coming into the flesh as a beginning stage to save mankind.

    There is no birthday more important than our Lord's. It deserves celebration in my opinion.
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  8. Amen! That has been on my mind. I have never really attended church or celebrations. That will be changing this year!!
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  9. There are two types of people in the afterlife and two types down here. The sooner that divide happens / fog clears up down here the sooner we leave this earth Matt 24:22. We should be celebrating :).

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