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  1. 2012?

    Who believes that the world will end in 2012? Is this biblical?
  2. Hey girl!! do you got some info about this?? or is it just a thought that you have?? just wondering.
  3. I believe that there will be a new earth and a new heaven, and when Jesus come back no - one will know and I pray that we will all be ready for that day and none of us will be caught napping.... For this world will pass away but God's word will never pass away....love Jane
  4. No one every knows the hour of Christs second coming, surprisingly even the angles in heaven don't know.

    Although everyone seems to be talking about the end of the world on 21st Dec 2012, one of the reasons being the Mayan calendar comes to an end and also predictions by early Greek Prophets..

    Watch this:

    The world does not base anything on the Bible but only through what man sees..I really don't believe any of it. If at all i do believe anything it might be that there's going to be some natural disasters.

  5. it's a movie according to Mayan/Inca peoples. The Mayan Calendar is pretty accurate BUT!!! Only God knows the time, not even Jesus knows the time. In all?????????? you need to be ready. PACK da Truck, git right with GOD NOW! and look up to Jesus. Dont stop looking up!! Keep focused! on Jesus...Amen
  6. You've never heard of this theory? Yeah, it's pretty much everywhere. I, personally, don't believe in it. I mean, I know Jesus will come back. But not in 2012. But hey, it's possible. But c'mon. Lol. We won't know.

    The bible only mentions that we won't know the HOUR or the DAY. Not the year. But I think that because people DO thing the world is going to end in 2012, then Jesus WONT. I mean, he doesn't want us to even suspect lol.
  7. Once again, we see the 'Hollywood' film industry taking ADVANTAGE of non substantiated non-Christian prophesy - not only to make a profit, but to SCARE and DECEIVE those persons who are not well versed in God's Word.

    The 'Hollywood' types who write, produce and distribute these types of sensationalistic pieces of trash have a well known agenda of liberalism, deception for profit and working the ways of Satan in creating DOUBT in the minds of Christians and others who fall for their presentations.

    All I can say as a teaching Pastor is to be well versed in God's Word, be observant for the prophesies contained in the Books of Isaiah and Revelation, and "Be Wiser Than The Serpent."

    My personal opinion is that the Mayan Calendar ended when it did because they ran out of stones and pebbles to count with...LOL...:D

    Blessings to all and please read all of Matthew 24 (KJV) in the King James Version Bible or Matthew 24 (NLT) in the New Living Translation Bible for insight into Christ's message through His dedicated Apostle, Matthew.

    Blessings to you in your studies.
  8. Thanks Pastor Gary! :)
  9. :smiley60: And Jesus went out and departed from the Temple

    I have a question to ask . ? When Jesus left the Temple did God leave ? .... I was wondering bout it .

    and his disciples came to him for to show him the building of the Temple . And JESUS said unto them, do you not see all these things ? Verily I say unto you there shall not be left here one stone upon another ,that shall not be thrown down . :smiley80: ( that was fullfilled in 70 AD exactly ) And as he sat upon the mount of olives the disciples come unto him privately saying ....."tell us when shall these things be " ... ?

    I have a question ?
    were they asking about the destruction of the temple ?

    And what shall be the signs of your coming ?
    ( were they asking about when Jesus would could again ? the second coming of Jesus ? )

    and of the end of the world ?
    And Jesus answered and said unto them "TAKE HEED THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU"

    :smiley80: see now there is a warning that is Given by Jesus
    Jesus is telling the disciples that deception is satans greatest weapon :smiley80:

    For many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and shall deceive many

    :smiley80: Jesus was telling them about the Anti-Christ who will be the greatest deceiver who will claim falsely that he is the messiah

    And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you be not troubled

    :smiley90: Jesus is telling his disciples and also all believers to not be troubled by the events :smiley90: this is a exiting passage spoken because it reassures us that Jesus knows what is going to take place ,but he is saying we believers in Jesus Christ can have assurance

    For all these things must come to pass

    :smiley40: ( we could be very near to the time of fulfillment Of what Jesus was saying , the Future of Israel hangs in the balance in this current time and the fact that it does will effect the entire world )

    But the end is NOT YET :smiley90:

    The end spoken of ? question ? will it be the second coming ? :smiley60:
  10. :smiley40: I believe that would be correct , yes satan will attempt to deceive people :smiley140: Christians should not be deceived , however they can use the opportunity to encourage all who do not know Jesus to get to know him :smiley90: not so they can be frightened about some 2012 date , but so they can be looking for the coming of Jesus Christ :smiley90: we dont have to look for a 2012 date of destruction we can "look up" daily and KNOW ASSUREDLY" no matter what comes we are NOT TO BE TROUBLED :smiley90: Jesus knows satan is a trouble maker and so do we :smiley50: and satan can do all he wants to , he can do nothing really cause he is a lion with no teeth :smiley10::smiley10:
    the words of Jesus our savior are ultimate in TRUTH the truth Jesus conveyed in his conversation even way back then as he told this to his disciples was and is today true

    we will see many things coming on the scenes as nation goes to war with nations , just as even now we see our troops fixing to get deployed to Afghanistan and war still is going on and will increase exspecially toward Israel , few places in the world will be exempt from all that is spoken about

    what is being spoken ? :smiley60: The Judgment , the coming Judgment , because it says here "" all these"" are the beginning of sorrows :smiley140: :smiley70: the first parts of what happens in the tribulations I have a question ? does that mean Jacobs trouble or is that something else other than tribulations ? I always wondered about it
  11. It's not a theory. The scientific method produces a theory. A theory has to be a well tested hypothesis. You can't test the 2012 idea. It's just an idea and that's all. Too often people call things theories that are actually not theories at all.
  12. ;) ROFL

    No one knows when it will be but I wouldn't doubt that the tribulation could be going on then.
  13. As others have said in this thread, only God knows the time of the return of Jesus. No, the world will not end in 2012. I have a friend who believes in all of the 2012 hype and he is an atheist. I try to show him that through scripture and prophecy that the word of God is the only truth, but he fails to see it. Something may happen on December 21, 2012...but it will not be the return of Jesus or the end of the world.

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