2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season

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  1. 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    During the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season (Late May through late November 2006), the El Nino effect in the far western Pacific, significantly influenced the storm tracks in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico and kept the tropical systems well to the south and east of coastal US waters. Except for a couple fringe involvements along the central east coast of the US, there were no direct landfalls on US territories.

    The 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season may be a different story. Our weather analysis group in Alabama has started running computer projection modeling and our very early findings are in line generally with the predictions of Professor William Gray, a notable Atmospheric Scientist. The details published by his group can be found here:


    The lessening of the El Nino effect, has the potential to restore the normal storm tracks this coming season. That can be problematic because we all remember the 2004 and 2005 seasons with their devastating landfalls in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

    As more information becomes available regarding updates for this coming 2007 season, we will post that information in this general area. In the mean time, as we have in other forums for many years, we ask that anyone living in a Gulf or Atlantic coastal area from Brownsville, Texas, to the Canadian Maritime Provinces, to be vigilent as the season approaches and to have your preparedness kits and procedures in place. Do not rely on local, state or federal governments to take care of you personally. Take care of matters yourself... and be prepared... your safety will depend upon it.

  2. Information for US Coastal Residents

    Each year, the National Hurricane Center generates a list of NAMES for the upcoming Atlantic Hurricane Season. These names repeat every six years or so and we would like to list the 2007 name group here for reference. As soon as certain parameters are met and a weather system becomes organized with winds developing at Tropical Storm force levels (39 MPH sustained), the system is given the next available name from the list. "Andrea" has already been used, so the next named storm will be "Barry".

    The 2007 Atlantic Tropical System Storm Names:


    As always, we hope and pray that very few of these names will be used. However, based upon early computer modeling, this may be a very active season. We ask that all coastal residents review the Hurricane Preparedness information providied here in this section. Take care and Be Safe.
  3. July 2007 Tropical Update

    July 2007 Update
    Our Weather Analysis Group has just finished running our most recent Computer Modeling for trends and Tropical System development.

    We, along with official agencies, are happy to report that due to COLDER THAN NORMAL WATERS in the Atlantic, Caribbean Sea and parts of the Gulf of Mexico, conditions are not supportive of Tropical System development at this time. Therefore, the overall 2007 seasonal storm count projection is being revised downward.

    We are also happy to report that this news is driving the 'global warming' activists right out of their minds. :D

    Our group is monitoring all storm development areas and will advise here, in separate threads, if any low pressure areas become tropical depressions, storms or hurricanes.
  4. 2008 possibilities

    With the 2007 season being a generally quiet one, we are now already running computer models for water temperature projections in both the Atlantic and western Pacific. While our group does not generally make storm number predictions, we will say this: The 2008 season has the potential to create some very intense tropical systems and starting in early May 2008, one month before the 2008 season actually starts, we will be monitoring things intently. We will post a new thread in May regarding additional information. Thank you.

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