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  1. In just the past two weeks of the sabbath year, let's recap:
    • US attacks ISIS in Syria, 23 Sep 2014
    • Start of Sabbath year 24 Sep 2014
    • Solar Eclipse, 24 Sep 2014 (Feast of Trumpets), Duncan went to the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas on Sept. 24, but was sent home
    • 2nd blood moon, 8 Oct 2014, Feast of Tabernacles, Duncan died of Ebola
    • Stocks falling ever since, down 889 since the start of the Sabbath year
    What's the rest of the year going to look like. These are God's appointed times.
  2. Well, I'm watching. I feel it in my bones something BIG is going to happen soon.
  3. Do you think someone is trying to tell us something?
  4. I have said this before, most likely in another forum, but I hope He tarrys a bit longer. There is so much I want to be able to do with my daughter and soon to be son. There is so much I want to show them. I want to fish and hunt with them. I want to teach them how to play hockey, baseball, and football. I want them to be able to see Yellowstone National Park. I want them to be able to play in the snow and go sledding.

    So much...
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  5. Brethren; children of the Most High; prepare for the Kingdom....
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  6. I'm not sure. I believe this is the first generation able to fulfill 2 Peter 3:4, "Second Coming" fatigue. I might be wrong, but the word used to explain the function of the sun, moon and stars is "appointed times" translated as season, which didn't exist until after the fall or even the flood. In fact, the exact spelling is found in Daniel 12:7 as the word "times"...

    time, times, and an half

    Even my Hebrew NT has this word Rev 12:14, Col 2:16, Gal 4:10, and Acts 17:26. It means "appointed time" which is so translated in Neh 10:33, and Ezekiel 46:9.
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  7. Yes I agree. It seems to me that this is the 1st time in history that all of the right things are coming together at the same time with one very important factor..... for the very 1st time in humanity, we have the ability to destroy ourselves. For the 1st time Matthew 24:22 becomes a reality..................

    22 "And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened. "
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  8. This month (Tishri) began with a solar eclipse, dead center middle, blood red moon, and the last day of the month, another solar eclipse. Some updates:
    • 08 Oct 2014: 2nd blood moon, Feast of Tabernacles, Duncan dies of Ebola @ 7:51am CST
    • 08 Oct 2014: China surpasses US as world's largest economy based on key measure
    • 15 Oct 2014: End of Feast of Tabernacles, a second Ebola victim confirmed - the nurse that helped Mr. Duncan
    • 19 Oct 2014: Comet makes rare close pass by Mars as spacecraft watch
    • 23 Oct 2014: Last day of Tishri (30 Tishri 5775) a partial solar eclipse occurred. Tishri started with a solar eclipse. First case of Ebola in NYC confirmed, @ 11:53 PM - 23 Oct 2014.
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  9. Lol i just did a post abt this x D lol ...im always late lol..

    But yah, i have been noticing..we are in front of the door of great tribulations and about to be thrust in.

    I mean , Washington by itself has been catching fire. First a tornado ripping up the place ..and yesterday a school shooter who killed 2 students plus himself.

    Then the jihadist in canada and those 2/3 girls who left the home in ny..went to germany( but were stopped, thankfully) to get to syria,so they can join isil.

    Those girls were young i think... im starting to think radacalizing is an extreme form of brain washing... on the news some days ago, there was a 15 yr old boy who served isil. ... he explained that they raided his village and basically told him to join or be beheaded. Its really sad...

    These are scary times, if you don't have the blood covering you ...your not going to last very long.

    But so far the Lord just told me to pray for christians everywhere....and that makes since seeing as His house will be tested first.
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  10. Lol, you....shoot im only 23 and im just starting to move fwd with life.... but i hear you, i do hope he gives us more time...just a little esp since my parents aren't saved.
  11. What do you mean by that? ( bolded/underlined) haven't we always been able to destroy ourselves?
  12. Yes lol, my brother felt a quickening in his spirit...too that he was coming back.
  13. Individually YES....but not Universally.

    Today we have Nuclear weapons that give man the ability to reduce humanity to dust. Add that to all the other things coming together at the same time and it tells me that something very grand and glorious is just around the corner.
  14. Not really. Nuclear weapons make it possible with the push of a button.

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