2 weeks ago I was slained in the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Hey everyone - BEFORE I POST THIS, I have a request. If you do NOT believe in this, I would REALLY appreciate you not to discuss it in here. PLEASE. And I could have SWORN that I posted this, but guess not. So I'm posting it here. =) I might have, but just can't find it. I have a little update in the first reply to this thread, too :p

    I got slained in the Holy Spirit tonight! I went to Jenny's church with her fiance and right before, Satan was at work. Jenny's car broke down so she cancelled. But I texted her saying we need to start praying and I took an act of faith by getting ready (actually took a shower and did makeup), and I was praying for ways to get there. I get a text back after my shower saying that we are going and they did a quick fix on the car and we were going to go. Praise God! So I know God wanted us there for a reason.

    The sermon was good, but still trying to figure out what God had for me. He obviously wanted me to be there for a specific reason and I just wasn't sure WHAT! Then there was an altar call. God He was CLEARLY telling me to go up.

    Jenny, her fiance, and I went up. It was about a half hour later, that Jenny was slained in the Holy Spirit two times. It was very cool! I couldn't stop smiling - I am soooo happy for her =]

    After she got slained, I was just praying that God would do something. The speaker, who was prophesizing over people, he saw me in the crowd of people at the altar.

    He looked at me and said, "I just noticed you. Come up." So I scooted closer to the stage.

    He said, "God is going to pour His blessings on you. Many blessings! You are going to shine, so stop being in hiding. You don't feel loved by your parents. Your parents had a difficult time sharing their love for you. You went through stuff that was not fair. But your parents, they DO love you, they just had a hard time expressing it. You are going to shine!! You are worthwhile and special to God!" And then he put his hands on me forehead, and I was pretyt much bawling my eyes out, and after he started praying, I fell backwards. It was very cool.

    Feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Praise God! He is sooo good! =]
  2. UPDATE: Today, I ministered to my coworkers. Def very NERVE WRECKING! But God was saying, 'Talk to them." And I've ignored those promptings that God has done for too long, so today, I took a step of faith and just DID it. Two of my coworkers started joking saying that they were going to "hell." So I finally said, "But God sent His one and only son for us so we can live with him for eternity. Not everyone is going to heaven, and not everyone is going to hell. It's our choice to make." And then my friend started saying she was a good person. (I know she's not a Christian. We've been friends for a while and I know she doesn't have a personal relationship with God). She started saying, "Well, I know I'm going to heaven. I don't steal, I don't murder, etc. etc." I told her, "But have you lied? That is still considered a SIN. We all sin. I'm not perfect, I know I sin." My other coworkers finally said, "I know I need God. I need Him in my life. I'm being serious." And I told her if she needed anything, that I'm available. I'm gonna try to minister to her more. :). Anyways, the covnersation died down. I messed up on a few things, like I could have said some stuff more. As in, "Works don't get us to heaven." or "Hating someone is the same thing as murder (because she said she never murdered someone), 1 John 3:15."

    But it'll take practice. As of right now, I'm going to try my hardest to follow God's little voice =]
  3. No discussion, just one simple question.

    What Bible verse do you use as the basis for truth?
  4. This isn't a discussion, this isn't even a debate, this was a testimony.

    Thanks for understanding!
  5. "slained"..What is slained?


  6. Hey Jim =) Hope you're doing good!

    I don't really know how to explain it. So I found a definition on the internet =)
  7. Spinning, you did post that story before, I remember it distinctly. Kudos on your boldness in witnessing to co-workers. I remember talking to a coworker for an extended period of time about how the Law forshadowed Christ. Probably not your typical witnessing approach, but it was the direction the conversation took. Witnessing is all about planting seeds and hopefully watering seeds which have been sown before. Sometimes we get to be in on the harvest and participate in their finally deciding to give their lives to Christ. More often, we simply plant our seeds and trust that the Holy Spirit will see to their growth. I pray that God will bless the seeds you have planted and will bring them fruition.
  8. See, here then is a real problem. As a Christian, You had to go to the internet to obtain a definition of something you were doing and not the Bible. Don't you find a problem in this?????

    Shouldn't you be able to locate and post the Bible verses that would speak as the basis for your actions?

    Is there a Bible verse that explains "Slain in the Spirit".
  9. Please respect my request. Thank you =) I really don't want to close this due to people wanting to discuss my experience. This is a testimony and I want it to remain that way! Thank you again!

    I've told you before but I guess I have to tell you again - I am not here to discuss, I am not here to debate. I have asked you NICELY not to do this, but yet you still continue. If you want to talk about it, PM someone. But this is a testimony. Please respect that. I'm asking VERY nciely.
  10. Hello Major, please discuss this topic in the Bible Studies area. Thanks.
  11. That's why I provided this link for him :)
  12. Lol, okay =]. Thanks!
  13. I don't see a problem. As was explained, this is a testimony and relates to her experiences. Scriptural backup isn't necessary.

    As Jeff posted, if you wish to examine what slain in the Spirit means, please start a thread in the Bible Studies area.
  14. There is no reason for her to come up with Scripture to 'explain' what happened.

    All we need to know is that the Spirit moved in her and she wants to praise God for it.

    End of issue, end of thread.
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