2 Timothy 3:16

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  1. 2 Timothy 3:16

    "All scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking,correctin, and training in righteousness."

    What does Paul consider scripture? The histories? The law? Prophecies?

    Obviously he didn't have the bible so in light of this what do you think?
  2. I believe he was speaking of the Old Testement scrolls. Being as he was a Jew and I believe a pharisee that would have been the scripture he was refering to. Note however that he does not say slavation for that comes by faith and not by the law.

    But the law is still good for teaching rebuking, correction, and training in rightousness as a referance,base line or guideline tward rightousness.

    Sincerely His
  3. What Cliff says is true ,Paul indeed had the Old Testament scriptures and they are very much God breathed- the Law wasn't bad- it was only sinful flesh that couldn't live up to it and in fast that was it's purpose to show us our weakness-
  4. Were the old testament scrolls organized as we have them today? Were there more books? Less? And was all of it considered scripture, that's what i'm asking, i'm not talking about the law, though thankyou anyway.
  5. NP sorry if I misunderstood!
  6. As I said, I believe Paul was speaking (in general) of the the OT writings. However he could have been refering to any writings.
    I believe that what ever writing that God has placed before me is of value in some way for teaching, dicipline, learning, councel and discernment.
    (I believe) Christianity worries way too much about what is and isn't the word of God. The value in the bible is that it is the consistant and common word of God. It sets the standard. A consistant point of referance, so to speak. A means for christians to have a common understanding and belief. Unity in purpose and actions.

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