160,000 People Die Every Day. What Is Their Eternal Destiny?

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Between 40,000 and 150,000 people go to Hell every day. Is this relevant to you?

  1. Totally irrelevant: there is nothing we can do to alter the eternal destiny of these e...

  2. Totally relevant: there is much we can do to alter the eternal destiny of these peopl

  3. I am unsure:

  1. I'm going to insert the standard moderator warning here concerning personal attacks, rudeness, etc... Nothing has gone over the line yet, but the conversation is steadily heading in that general direction.
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  2. Whoa now....why are you getting so upset? By the question that you asked me I can see that you don't seem to understand what I am saying. The story of Lazarus is a PARABLE not a fabrication. It was NOT intended to teach us the semantics of the after life. Now the point that you are missing is that the dead whether they are righteous or unrighteous are "asleep". They are in a state of unconsciousness. They are at rest. They will be awoken one day (resurrected) when Jesus returns. This parable has two men having a conversation in the after life while one is burning in agony (makes you wonder how he could intelligently talk in the first place) and the other one is sitting in Abraham's lap (did everyone get to sit in his lap or was it just Lazarus?lol). Now if the dead are "asleep" as scripture teaches then how are these two having a conversation? Point...it didn't happen. This parable was told to show the Pharisees and scribes that though they think they are righteous and are going to make it to the kingdom of God...they will not while those who seem least likely in this life will inherit the kingdom of God. Does that answer your question?:)
  3. Also I think the meat of the parable is that the Pharisees were so stubborn, that :

    Jesus had worked many miracles, and by this He was showing that even they would not even listen to those whom they "venerated" even by an amazing miracle.
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  4. I think it is fair to point out that Dirty's OP also was not designed to describe the semantics of the afterlife and that by getting all tangled up in discussion about sleep and so on, we are missing his point. If only our concern for the lost was as fervent as our desire to win a point of doctrine.
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  5. I was just pointing out that the whole point he was trying to make is built on a faulty idea to begin with.
  6. Semantics? I thought it was about "eternal destiny"...and the loss of eternal life...or am I missing something?
  7. I guess I am a bit confused to the real question at hand-do we or do we not agree that there is a 'heaven' and a 'hell'?

    As to what 'time' we get there (how long until)-I guess that is subject to debate....

    As far as 'who' s going 'where' are we not also in agreement that the 'saved' AKA: elect/ children of god will be reserved for 'heaven' and the rest to the other place.....

  8. There is a Heaven and there is or is going to be a "Hell" also referred to as lake of fire. We differ on the timing for sure. Yes we agree that the elect/children of YHWH are going to inherit the Kingdom and the rest will be cast into the lake of fire and be destroyed.:)
  9. The point is that we are all under the Great Commission, reaching the lost is our purpose, 100 percent of people will die and so our time is short, let us get on with the business of warning people that they need to repent so they realise they are lost in their sins and need a Saviour - God provided One, His Son Jesus, turn to Him and make Him Your Saviour and Lord. Now they can go out and preach the gospel too!

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