16 Secrets The Restaurant Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. You haven't had one of my morning smoothies!

    8 oz chocolate flavored almond milk
    2 Tbsp flax seed meal
    3 Tbsp plain yogurt
    1 cup wild blueberries
    1 scoop ice cream
  2. Here is one you guys forgot:
    #17 the dropped your burger on the floor before serving it.
  3. Could you e-mail me one of those?

  4. Yum .... That sounds good.... Amything with ice cream in is good .
  5. So happy I don't eat burgers ..... only my own.:D
  6. I used to be a big Zinzenko fan. He's the Men's Health guy (I stopped buying the magazine a long, long time ago because it was becoming more like a metrosexual GQ magazine than a health magazine).

    Even the "followers" of Zinzenko thinks he's going a bit bonkers with his attitude. Instead of eating a 3-thousand calorie shake, you can eat a 2,999 calorie shake from this restaurant instead...both of them are bad, sure, but the shake that's 1 calorie less is actually more healthy for you.

    Readers were like this: WHAT!?:eek:

    After learning to cross every T and dot every i in Zinzenko's own Ab's Diet, he's now telling us that we even have a choice between those two shakes?:mad: Show me the page in the Abs Diet where it says we can have thick and rich (non-protein) shakes at all.:(

    On Good Morning America, Meredith (while doing a story on the Eat This/Not That book) called Zinkzenco "skinny". And it's funny...even though he's written a book about a diet promising to bring out your abs...he's never really shown his abs.:rolleyes:

    Readers of Men's Health were beginning to say that they wanted to commit themselves to a diet, yes...but they didn't want to look like Zinzenko.:(

    Anyways...just because Zinkzenco is against the foods, hey! I still think the rest of us deserve them as a part of our rewards, don't we? Yeah!:p At least some of us don't eat this way constantly (I says as I push french fries into my mouth).

    Restaurants are allowed to have whatever they want on their menus...but it doesn't mean that we have to order them. I've gone into restaurants, don't like the menus, and walked out before. Zinzenco can do the same thing if he doesn't like it; the restaurants aren't obligated to answer to him, especially since he doesn't eat the stuff.

    It's my job to know that a steaming heap of french fries covered in cheese sauce and chili is, of course, going to contain a lot of calories. And while I'm on this earth in this body God gave me, it's my duty to take good care of it and *ulp!* order the cucumber salad instead.:p

    Unless I'm celebrating - and then, baby, pile my plate high!:D

  7. Whirlwind - If I were sitting next to you in a restaurant when you started to eat a meal like you described, I'd have to move to another table...

    The sound of your arteries closing up would be very distracting...:D

  8. If that tastes good, you are blessed.
    A true worker of miracles.:D

    Hey… if you’ve got a minute… I’ve got this pain in my left shoulder… :cool:
  9. Just yesterday when I was chowing down my half rack of the best ribs in Whereever.... I thought of this article. Anyways it was rib fest and I have to say they were fall off the bone tasting good. I think they were from Texas this one I purchased from.... Yum ...

    Anyways , Whirlwind you talking about fries made me think .... there was a very small girl next to me and her mom had bought her one of those poutine artery clogging fries ... gravy and cheese on top . Honestly what was the mom thinking giving such a small child no more than six years old that ? and the child ate the whole thing . I don't htink if that was put in front of me I could have eaten such a portion. Then she ate ribs after that. Is that mom going to be sorry some day. Talk about stroke in young people . It is more common now that it ever was.
  10. MMMmmmm almond milk.
  11. I just discovered almond milk as well and really love it.

  12. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:........... I wonder what it was ..... no on second thought I don't want to know.
  13. Cashier at a deli: Would you like to try some of our new clucky chunks? They're now made with real chicken!:D

    Customer: What did you make them with before?:confused:
  14. mmm reading all that made me very hungry lol. i have to admit i am bad when it comes to fast food i could eat it most every day... and to who ever mentioned the cheese chili fries those sound good though the chili would kill me (unless it didnt have beans and onions and other vegtables in it...)
  15. The Resturant industry doesn't want us to know that their high-fat foods are high in calaries? I was never under the impression of that a tub of beef and cheese was low in calaries. And, I ever been under the impression that resturants are looking out for my health. Yummy is what it's about, not health.

    I, for one, would prefer not to be reminded of how unhealthy my meal is before I eat it. I eat out rarely enough that it's not a problem.

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