16 Secrets The Restaurant Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

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  1. I don't eat out--mainly because I can't afford it, but also because I'm on a very restricted diet.
  2. Well Jon- Marc..... You are probably more healthy.
  3. Ditto.

    Since I can not have any dairy or soy, it eliminates most restaurants. Even to just have a burger someplace can be bad..... we all know those 100% beef burgers are never 100% beef ;) ..... and I can tell which ones aren't by whether or not I become ill later. :p I honestly think that people would be shocked to discover how much soy is stuffed in things these days. And why does there need to be soy in things like shrimp cocktail sauce? :rolleyes: I have to make almost everything I eat from scratch.
  4. Y'all don't forgit that if y'all go ta a Chinese restaurant and order a nice salad - if the crutons are 'moving' - don't eat the salad. :eek:
  5. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I went to a pizza place once and ordered a ceasar salad and when they placed it on the table a cockroach ran across the table . I screamed and the waiter came running with apologies and that he would get me another one..... Hello.... I was out of there so fast.
  6. For any of you who like Cracker Barrel, you will never find any nutrition info from them. They boast that they do not care, and are very proud of their artery clogging menu. This is said with 5 yrs with CB as a manager.

    Just to give an example: cornbread muffins...one batch, consists of 2 qts of eggs, 2 gallons of buttermilk (special made with flour), 2 lbs of butter, 2 lbs bacon grease, and 4-5lbs bags of corn meal mix. Yes this makes a lot of muffins but even one is pretty bad for you.

  7. :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  8. Love their fried fish and their dumplin's.
  9. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:Hmmmm!!!!!! Artery clogging ... heart stopping..... Just do it occasionally.:D
  10. It tastes good and it's good for you- is that an oxymoron?:)
  11. We don't eat out much anymore as it is expensive. Our main haunt is Golden Corral because it is cheap and the food is good. This is usually limited to B'fast once a week or two weeks and sometimes supper on special occasions.

    We make most everything from scratch these days and eat little processed food. We bake our own bread - and once you start this process - you never want to go back to commercial. Our bread contains flax, bran, wheat germ, and lately chia. It is very nutritious and filling I must add. We make our own burger and hotdog buns. It's taken a long time to finally come up with the desired recipe for this, but it's finally in place. Salads are big here right now and everyone is into them. Also summer is great because of all the fresh fruit.

    Who needs fast food?

    Larry II
  12. Jasher - 'round these here parts, 'Fast Food' is hittin' a whitetail deer at 50 miles per hour with the pickup truck. ;)

    We got us a place in Graves County, Kentucky, called the 'Road Kill Cafe'. I got me a proof copy of their menu - they is still workin' on it some ta git everthang right...

    RoadKill Cafe Menu

  13. No… that would be a miracle.
    Nothing that tastes good is good for you. :D
  14. makes my mouth water just readin it!
  15. In Australia, fast food resturants (not actual resturants with menus and such), like Mc D., Hungry Jacks, etc must display nutritional information about all of their products, it's the law. All food products sold in grocery stores must also contain nutritional charts with fat content etc.

  16. That's a great idea and it is coming here as well and we do have all the ingredients listed on super market items..... But sometimes you have to be careful even reading them cause they slip other stuff in with different names .like fructose asnd other names

  17. The do that here too. There are posters on the side walls and info on the bottom that no one ( sadly) seems to notice very often.

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