10 of the Most Bizarre Animal Defense Mechanisms

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  1. Just using one of these as an example....

    In terms of evolution and not creation... do you suppose that the first ant to develop this new skill knew that he was about to explode when he sucked in his tummy? :confused:

    I wonder what the other, less evolved, ants thought?

    "Hey! George just exploded over there!"

    ..........I wonder if I can.... .... ....... !POW! :eek:

  2. As a self-defense mechanism, that isn't very effective considering the ant is probably dead after it explodes!
  3. Politicians also have strange defense mechanisms-:eek::p:)
  4. That is why, like diapers, they need to be changed often...

    and for the same reason. :D
  5. Indeed!:D

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