10,000 times faster than broadband

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  1. And yet it still takes a full 60 seconds to warm up my cup of coffee in the microwave!!!

    I don’t have that kind
    of time to waste!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry… but I gotta have my coffee first. :D
  2. Have none of you seen Terminator!?!? This is how it all starts!! Run for the hills!!!

  3. Thanks a lot…
    And you expect me to sleep tonight now? :eek:
  4. Now that’s just plain scary…

    *as he nails the doors and windows shut*
  5. John Haggee once said that America is the only place in the world people get impatient standing in front of a microwave oven.:p
  6. I don't know what good it would do...I can only type and read so fast.
  7. This will make video rental stores obsolete. Instead of driving down to blockbuster video you could just pay to download the movies from their website.
  8. And it would also make hard drivers obsolete.
  9. My puter is a screamer!! With the sound of it I hope it can handle the load. mmmmm

  10. They made floppys in the begining, then disks, then hard drives, I got 2, now what Invisidrives- invisible drives HeheheheheheLOL!!! or oooooooo
    Divinedrives........yeah thats it!! Divinedrives. No pun intended Lord:eek: Amen
  11. What is "The Grid"? I haven't heard of it.

    It won't be too long before the keyboard and mouse are obsolete.
  12. LOL! That's funny. LOL!
  13. That is funny! I think America's internet is already 10,000 times faster compared to Australia's.
  14. I live in south Africa and most people here don't even have a fixed phone line meanwhile a adsl line.

    I am one of the lucky few that have and adsl line 384KPS

    This kind of technology will take ages to get here and when it does he price will be to much for the average Joe to afford
  15. This is interesting. I wonder how all the world will be able to watch the two end time prophets during the tribulation? In real time? Hmmm. And then who can watch your every breath? Hmmm?

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