1 Timothy 4

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  1. 1 Timothy 4

    This Sunday I saw something new in this passage that I hadn't noticed before. I've probably read it a dozen or more times in my life, but as is typical of Gods Word, it takes on new meaning as the Holy Spirit works.

    It states that in the last days people will command us to abstain from the eating of meat...veganism?
  2. There are some religions and churches that do not eat meat or say to abtain from certain meats
  3. I find it not a bad idea to say away from red meat, in fact I have been eating egg plants quite a it lately which is a good substitute, I love ribs or a thick steak but too much of a anything is not good for you. So when I do grill something like steak I really appriciate the treat.
  4. All things in moderation
  5. Yup , that is my point as well . And still in proverbs where it says gluttony is a sin so portion control would be the way to go . Myself , I like variety and so sometimes I don't eat meat and sometimes I do . right now I am into homemade . soups ....

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