1 TIMOTHY 1:1-11 -True or False?

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  1. SOAP 1 TIMOTHY 1:1-10
    – Pick one verse that really spoke to you in today’s Bible
    reading. Literally hand write out that verse. Writing it out reinforces
    it in your mind and heart and allows God to further speak to you
    through that verse.

    – Now write a one or two sentence observation
    about that verse. What does the verse mean? What is the verse
    saying? (See example on next page)


    – Now write a one or two sentence application from
    that verse. What is something that God wants you to do or believe or
    receive or say or stop doing or change your thinking on because of
    that verse? (See example on next page)

    – Now write a one or two sentence prayer to God in
    response to this Scripture. Perhaps ask God for help in applying
    the verse. Confess a sin that was brought to light. Or thank God for
    something He said to you. Write a short prayer.

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