1 Kings 2:44-46

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  1. 1 Kings 2:44-46 King James Version (KJV)

    44 The king said moreover to Shimei, Thou knowest all the wickedness which thine heart is privy to, that thou didst to David my father: therefore the Lord shall return thy wickedness upon thine own head;

    45 And king Solomon shall be blessed, and the throne of David shall be established before the Lord for ever.

    46 So the king commanded Benaiah the son of Jehoiada; which went out, and fell upon him, that he died. And the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon.

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    44 Then the king told Semei: 'In your heart you know of all the bad things you've done, and of the bad things that you did to my father, David. So now, Jehovah is bringing your badness down upon your own head, 45 while King Solomon will be blest, so that the throne of David will be established before Jehovah through the ages.'

    46 Then Solomon commanded BenaiJah (the son of JehoiAda) to take him out and kill him.

    These are my thoughts, please share yours.

    44 It was time for him to face the results of what he done, mercy was shown but ran out when he broke the oath that was made. We will have to answer for what we do, if we do not have our sins forgiven by our Lord Jesus, we as Christians have our sins covered by His blood.

    45 David’s throne lasts forever thru Jesus Christ our Lord and King, Solomon had a easy kingship he would not have to go to war.

    46 Solomon was now in charge without anyone trying to over rule him, the oath he made to God was kept as the man was killed.
  2. Hi Clark my old friend. As you can see, I have left the other Forum. I'm glad to see you here....You make a good point about sins that are not confessed. I trust that all is well with you and your ministries.

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