0 god 0 lord 0 jesus

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  1. 0 god 0 lord 0 jesus

    i got saved and noticed the unsaved saying this why?people who don,t believe in God say thismy kids and my wife say this why?i ask you this question.
  2. Is that "oh God" "oh Lord" "oh Jesus" or "zero"?

    Assuming it's 0.

    Honestly, I think when people think "Logically" they come to the conclusion that the idea of a God is just silly.

    The reason I believe is un-explainable. That's what's so hard. They have to experience something that will speak to them in the way they need to hear it.

    But you know what, thinking "Logically", there are things no person on this planet can explain about science.
  3. Why do the lost use His Name in vain? It is the spirit of darkness that holds them in this terrible bondage railing against this one true God.
  4. Michael..... Can you do me a big favour...... Please.????

    When you are using the Name Jesus, God or Lord..... Can you please put a capital on them out of respect for our God and Saviour. Thanks..... Love you Michael.

  5. i do usually,but people say 0 god so itake this to be a decoy.God,Jesus,Holy Spirit,it,s like saying c god or p god,who is the 0 god?
  6. Hey SC :D

    Are you asking us why we got saved?
    Or do you mean why we have chosen Jesus Christ?

  7. I think smelly cat is saying, why do the unsaved take God's name in vain?
    I look at it that it is out of ignorance of whom God is, and probably they dont mean Almighty God, rather just the god of their imagination.

  8. That's exactly it , my son. They are blinded by sin and cannot see. We are the salt and light and have the ultimate promise of hope and eternity.
  9. People often do it at my work. I want to say something but i never seem to.

    I should though because this essentially is not standing up for our Lord, and he would stand up for us no matter what.
  10. I always simply told them that I have never heard God using thier name in vain. That would normally get thier attention and most of them do it without thinking so a reminder does not hurt.
  11. Thank you, Dusty...a very good reminder to all of us. He deserves respect in everything we do about our lives. Its a great pleasure to honor Him.

    Now...I think in the past, when morals were a bit higher, more poeple believed in God and Jesus. Kids might have heard their grandparents calling out to our Saviour in their times of need. "Jesus, help me!"

    As kids grew up and didn't go to church so often, "Jesus, help me!" became just "Jesus!"

    As their kids grew up without setting foot in a church doorway, "Jesus!" became just something that you said when you were frustrated.

    The grandparents might have been calling out to our Saviour for help; but the people who say "Jesus!" without knowing our Saviour are calling out for all of the wrong reasons.

    Jesus isn't a curse, and shouldn't be used as one. His name should be lifted to the highest priorities of our lives. Kids need to learn that, or have their mouths washed out with soap for using our Saviour's name in the wrong ways.

    A mouthful of soap...or an eternity in hell. If enough of us do that, then the name of Jesus would once again be used only to call on our Saviour.

    I love Jesus!:D
  12. is it God or 0 god?is it Lord or 0 lord,why do people say 0 infront of God and the Lord.?are some peoples God a 0?doesn,t make sense to myself.
  13. it is, to me, a wonder that you guys were able to extrapolate the meaning that you did from the OP... no offense intended, but I have the hardest time, for the most part, understanding a lot of what smelly cat writes... I take this to be a personal limitation rather than a comment regarding any shortcomings in smelly cat :)

  14. not everything in life has a loophole that lasts.0
  15. Its just a way of devalueing the name of God.
  16. Ken for some reason it looked more like a zero than an o-:eek::eek::p
  17. the o was a crown on Jesus head of thawns,sent from guess who.
  18. I know what you mean. But he's just our good ole Smelly. He's adorable, loveable, and you'll get to know him soon enough.

    Actually, I used to think that a lot of what he said made no sense at all. I'd read it quickly and then scratch my head, and then make a off-color remark about it. Like: What are you saying? Just spit it out!

    Then I started to pause and reflect on what he was saying, and it really started to make me think.

    Smelly's like that ole cat sitting in the corner. Has a personality all his own.

    That's why we love him.

    And we love you, too!

  19. That's sweet W.W. most of the time for me Michael does set me thinking, I will admit sometimes I don't understand and then there are the times when Michael.... you are bang on brother and some of the things that you say I never thought about so Michael if you are reading this ... Don't worry ... we all love you and you are unique in your own special way. God bless you Michael.


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