• What Is The Heart Of God Behind The Command To The "fathers" -eph 6:4

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  1. Ephesians 6:4

    Fathers,do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
  2. I think God’s heart is really for the “fathers” to share in his heart toward people. In both cases it’s an overwhelming call and responsibility to relate to people under them carefully. The father has to teach the child to know and fear God. that’s the kind of heart God has toward us. He takes on the burden of raising us even though we are so sinful, rebellious, and just weak and foolish so many ways. God is our master and he lowers himself to relate to us with humility, sincerity of heart and much sacrifice. Through this command, I see how high God’s vision is for us and how much he wants to share his heart with us. We may not all be literally a father, but in some way we all play the same function to younger ones in our lives or people we are actually ministering to. I am challenged by the call but also just touched and moved that God would trust us so much and want to share his heart with us so dearly.
  3. The word "Provoke" means .......do not incite; exasperate or rub the wrong way.

    That is done by a wrong spirit and wrong methods including SEVERITY, UNREASONABLESS, HARSHNESS and CRUEL DEMANDS,. Such provication will produce adverse reactions, deaden the childs spirit and harm his desire for holiness.

    Parents should not be godless tyrants.
  4. So True, may children feel as though they can never do anything right because the parents are tyrants. Thanks for your insightful feedback.
  5. Yea......makes me sound like a really great, insightful dad dosen't it????

    Truth is, I just like everyone else have at one time or another lost my temper and said and done something I should not have done to my children.

    I thank God that He allowed me to live through the horrors of war, sickness and accidents to be able to talk to my children and make things right with them. The beauty of a Godly wife is that she had already done that with our children and they had already forgiven me. That was a long time ago and now I am able to correct my mistakes with their children, my grandchildren, of which I have had the grand opportunity to baptize 3 of .

    God is good!!!
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