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  1. Ryan..I took a look at your post pertaining to the church.
    When I see "church" I think of an assembly of believers or a body with Christ as the head.
    As for a synagogue; I see it as a permanent type of build for study and prayer. Also used for a meeting place.
    As for a tabernacle; I see a wood frame with linen curtains, goat hair and hides. An alter, and enclosed with a fence.
    That is a pretty brief description. Usually when a person today speaks of a church they mean a building.
    Some like to go there and some hate it. Church's help keep dust off of bibles in some homes.
    Churches are called other names too, usually by persons who are called by names other than the one on the birth certificate. They don't believe in God but they go around telling him to damn stuff. We even have so-called preachers asking him to damn America. <<<soap box time is up>>> Thank You.

    One more thing. Romney sure put a whoopin on Obama last nite didn't he ?:p
  2. Boy I guess so!!!

    It was actually embarrising for Mr. Obama.

    By the way.......did you hear Al Gore's excuse for Mr. Obama.???????

    It was the effects of the altitude in Denver Co. I am serious!!!!
  3. Being a Canadian, we get our fair share of American news through osmosis. To be honest, I am more concerned with which President will support Israel. Both, in my opinion, do not serve the one and only God Almighty, but God will use either person for his will to be fulfilled. My half shekel worth right there.
  4. Major, no I didn't hear wut Al Gore said. He is just another Joe Biden. The VP debate I don't want to miss either.
    Since Biden, I haven't laughed so much since the hogs ate my little sister.

    Ryan, Israel is one of my more serious concerns. I didn't really understand it until I read the book Eye to Eye, by Wm Koenig- Koenig International News. The subtitle is : Facing the consequences of dividing Israel. In a nut shell, it is a documentary showing facts and the disasters caused by our presidents on the so-called road to peace trying to find peace between Israel and the Palestinians. I highly recommend the book. Amazon carries it and also Koenig has a web site you can visit. I use it for the latest truth news about Israel. If I were to tell you about one or two incidents you possibly would think consequential. He documents 53 since Carter. Major record breaking disasters. One of the latest Katrina. watch.org (Major-Sorry about using all the majors here. :))
    I agree about the relationship to God with both Obama and Romney. But ya know, it has got to be the way they were raised. Gotta check my shekels.

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