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Nov 21, 2009
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Apr 4, 1989 (Age: 25)
New York
Life Coach/Teacher Assistant

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Sr Encourager Mod, Female, 25, from New York

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For Halloween, I'm going to write "Life" on a plain white t-shirt and hand out lemons to strangers. Oct 18, 2014 at 7:19 PM

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Oct 21, 2014 at 4:58 AM
    1. Olaitan Bosede
      Olaitan Bosede
      Thanks sis,keep the fire burning,while we await, the glorious coming of the bridegroom
      1. xspinningisfun likes this.
    2. pancakes
      I've been okay you?
    3. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Heya! I'm doing good. A bit busy, but good. How're your studies coming along?
    4. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Heya Spinz! Just wanted to stop by and say "hi".
      I hope you're doing ok.
      God bless ya. :)
    5. pancakes
      hey girlie hows it going :3
    6. Angelic Rose
      Angelic Rose
      Hi Katie,
      Hope you're doing well :)
    7. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Yeah, I'm doing ok, thanks. How's class going?
    8. pancakes
      Hi, aww im really glad you decided to check up on me. Im ok im recovering from a cold and i have lots i need to do like apply for ged classes and find work . I hope ur having fun doing katie-tastic stuffz lol be safe.
    9. 3nails+1cross=4GIVEN
    10. John_Jervis
      Yeah, how's class?
    11. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Heya, toots! Its been a few days, huh? How're your classes goin'?
    12. pancakes
      Wow 2 yrs huh. I will def. Pray before jumping into situations also heh heh um could you tell me how to check private msg. Also i feel better my brothers and i prayed as long as i have God im ok. Lol i got finished reading daniel and i feel ... Dangerous XD lol that book made me feel better. Well thnx for lending an ear, God bless.
    13. pancakes
      Oh ok,bible college sounds neat its like studying the word 24/7 and i didnt know you were on dorm, u must be having the time of your life! Ive always wanted to do that but, i get homesick easy im attatched to my family and i dnt make friends too easily. Oh can you tell me the spiritual gifts you have i just like hearing abt people uses the lord's gift =) well God bless & have a good day.
    14. pancakes
      Hi um i was wondering, what do you do at bible college and how does the lord share his jokes =) also what makes bible college difficult?
    15. Jeff
      Katie, sorry you might be busy. Just saying hi. :D
      1. xspinningisfun
        JEFF! So sorry :( I didn't get this until just now!
        Jan 25, 2011
    16. KimmieT22
      I see u are from NY I am from NJ do you find it hard to be a Christian up here in the North?? I find it difficult, sometimes wish I lived in the South it would be easier!
    17. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Hey there! Not much. Sorry if this is a little late, I was typing out a reply to someone and wanted to be careful how I worded things. How're things going for ya?
    18. napninja4
      whats a bible college?????
    19. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Yup! Believe it or not I usually don't get too excited about Christmas, but this year I'm getting a few things that I actually want and will use. lol. How about you?
    20. Mr. Black
      Mr. Black
      Oh, man. I've been there. My bedroom frame is messed up. It lets cold air in all winter long. We have to tape protective plastic up over the window in the winter months. You might wanna look into a little electric space heater for your room. You can usually get one for as low as $20 at Walmart. Sorry to hear that you're sick. :( I hope ya get better. I'll keep ya in my prayers. :)
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    Apr 4, 1989 (Age: 25)
    New York
    Life Coach/Teacher Assistant
    I love Jesus!
    Ex-atheist. Was very logical. Heard God in my bedroom. The rest is history :)
    25 year old.
    Just graduated Bible college.
    I'm a certified life coach.

    ....does anyone read these?



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    Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.

    "I love You so imperfectly while You love me flawlessly."​