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Trust And Obey
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Mar 10, 2010 at 6:58 PM
Jan 7, 2008
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Apr 15, 1954 (Age: 62)
St.Augustine, Florida
Prayer Warrior/Care Giver

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Trust And Obey

Account Closed, 62, from St.Augustine, Florida

Trust And Obey was last seen:
Mar 10, 2010
    1. AWHN
      Pearl Trees Of Life [a vast Bible resource tool site]


      freely you have received, freely give...
    2. InHisLove
    3. Raymond Tremain
      Raymond Tremain
      Many many Thanks for your invite, well now also I'm so very sorry for not getting back to you sooner,as I belong to about 4 other site as well, and in between me writing poetry and answering other posts time gets away abit.

      But some how I just had this feeling to come here now.

      The main site I'm in is thoughts.com and I am kept busy as there arre many who need help and prayer, and there are not many christians in the site who are game enough to openly pray for others.

      Jesus did say go out and tell others about Him so I'm in that site and I will tell others about Him and I openly pray for them as well, And yes I do just what your name says trust and obey, who am I not to obey when I know what I as told to do.

      God loves you

      so do I

    4. SweetSurrender
      I don't know what caused you to invite me as a friend, but I appreciate it, for what it's worth. I tend to be sorta direct in my communications, and some souls don't quite understand me and where I'm coming from. But I've lived too long to start "beating around the bush" at this point, so you get what you see. hehehe
    5. NearertoGod
      [COLOR=Magenta][B]Good morning![/B][/COLOR]
    6. Summer's Breeze
      Summer's Breeze
      I hope your New Year is the best ever.
    7. InHisLove
    8. NearertoGod
      You are welcome! :)
    9. InHisLove
    10. Trust And Obey
      Trust And Obey
      [I][COLOR=purple]Hello Brother's & Sister's ~(:-][/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]Just a quick note to let you all know how excited I am [/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]to be able to share with each other our mutual Love for[/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]Our Saviour Yahshua/Jesus![/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]I realize we all have our own Belief's ... [/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]but when we get right down to it -[/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]Heaven Is Our Goal & Saving Every Soul [/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]is the main reason We All Love To Witness!!! [/COLOR][/I]
      [I][COLOR=#800080]~ May The SON Alway's Shine Thru ~[/COLOR][/I]
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    Apr 15, 1954 (Age: 62)
    St.Augustine, Florida
    Prayer Warrior/Care Giver
    I Love Spending Time With & Helping My Family~As Well As Others Whenever Possible.

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    There remains therefore a Rest for the people of YAH. Let us therefore be
    diligent to enter into That Rest,lest anyone fall into disobedience.{Heb.4:9,11}
    Here is the patients of the Saints;here are they who Keep The Commandments
    of Yahweh and have the Faith of Yahshua.{Rev.14:12}
    *May The SON Always Shine Thru!!!