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Sep 22, 2012
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Aug 19, 1988 (Age: 28)

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New Member, Female, 28

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    Aug 19, 1988 (Age: 28)
    1.Tell us how the Lord has changed your life?
    My Lord sent me his Holy Spirit to guide me, teach me, counsel me, correct me, rebuke me, and comfort me. My Lord hears my prayers and intercedes for me. He always answers my prayers.

    2.What is your favorite Bible verse?

    3.How long have you been saved?
    I have been following Christ since May of 2011.

    4.How would you describe your relationship with the Lord?
    I obey and keep God's commandments, this makes Jesus my Lord very happy because he knows that dying on the cross for me was all worth in the end. I live a Holy Life according to what the bible commands me. This is why I am filled with the Holy Spirit.

    5.According to the Bible how are you saved?
    By faith, by believing in the Son of God, and by doing the will of God. I obey God's commandments! The one who endures to the end will be saved ().

    6.Explain why you chose the answer to the previous question?
    Jesus said so. The one who endures to end will be saved (). I would of had chosen saved by grace as my answer which is the first step to being redeemed, however, that's not all that saves you. Faith without works is dead. READ: .
    Back in May of 2011, I got baptized for the remission of sins, and ever since than, I was able to see into the spiritual/heavenly realm due to receiving the Holy Spirit. The experience was awesome. My best moments were when I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I was so filled with the Holy Spirit that it felt like I was literally drunk. No joke, I was like staggering. Once the feeling was over, It felt like I was falling into a deep sleep, that's how weak I felt afterwards. Than all of the sudden I can feel my spirit being lifted up. The weird part about the experience was that the atmosphere started to change around me which I end up seeing myself being transported to another realm or another room, but really, I was actually having a vivid vision during it. In the vision, I find myself in a wooden room with tons of pictures hanging from the ceiling of how the resurrection of the dead is going to be like. There were words written on the pictures saying "Jesus is Lord; Jesus is the Son of God; Jesus will execute judgment on the wicked; New Heaven and New Earth will soon come for the righteous; and etc... I even remember reading words in Hebrew. I remember looking at this picture of a grave with the word KEVER or QEVER written on top of it in bold. I had many other spiritual experiences that I wish to share with you, but unfortunately, it would be a lot to type here.