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Aug 27, 2007
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    1. Dusty
      Hey .... WWC is back so if you can post there that would really be great . I am trying to get it up and running again ... Blessings ,

    2. JG27_chili
      Hi Paula!
      I finally found a church here in Bremerton. It is called Crossroads. It is at Old Military and Fairgrounds road. 1 of my coworkers goes there. It is a Bible based church and supports a lot of overseas ministries. When I went there last Sunday, as soon as I walked in I could feel the Holy presence. Tears came to my eyes all most immediately. It felt soooo good to hear the word of God being spoken in real life again. It's about 2-300 peeps. Very strong youth group that does the music. they are pretty rockin.
      Tonight I celebrate with a BBQ of Rib eye steak n Lobster. As God feeds the birds of the field HE is spoiling me tonight. I just wanted to fill you in Sis in case your wondering. Thanks 4 being my friend. Now that I'm a bit settled in at a new home perhaps I can take you up on some of those invites you keep sending me. I really do want to meet you n the family. maybe me and your husband can exchange screwed up "back" stories hehe. have a Blessed day Paula

      Chili out
    3. JG27_chili
      OK............ I now am looking. My wife left me and I don't want to go to the same church. It is painful. So I search. I don't care what church as long as the Pastor teaches the truth from the Bible. I am open to suggestions. TY 4 being my friend KG. God Bless you

      Chili out.
    4. JG27_chili
      hey you! did ya ever find a new church to go to? Just curious sis. :) Chili out
    5. xspinningisfun
      Spring - ah, how I miss it! It's snowing right now, so you might be getting spring before us New Yorkers do!!!!! I'm jealous!

      Where do you live?
    6. xspinningisfun
      Hey KitsapGirl - how's it going?
    7. ILOVEUSA911
    8. godbe4me
      Thanks for accepting my friend request. Hope to hear from you soon.

      God bless and have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

    9. godbe4me
      Hello sister,

      As a WWC member and a sister in Christ, we (WWC) are all sending friend request to each other. We want all WWC members to be friends.

      God bless,
    10. ILOVEUSA911
    11. JG27_chili
      Hi Kitgal!
    12. ILOVEUSA911
    13. FG21
      I go to Olalla Bible....little bit south of ya! :)
    14. JG27_chili
      good ta see ya on facebook sis :)
    15. Beloved
      Just to welcome you to the ladies forum... I couldn't find the post there.

      Much love
    16. JG27_chili
      Hey you just stoppin by to say HI. Hows the hubby doin? Better I hope. I just got my back werk done today,they gave me cortisone shot in my low back. Find out tomorrow if it werkt!! God Bless you my friend.
      Chili out.
    17. JG27_chili
      Sunburn is ok if it aint too bad. But did ya have fun? Did ya go down the slides? i need to get an avatar!
    18. JG27_chili
      Yes I am Sis-enjoying summer. Took the boat out today and went to port O and had dinner at Amys' on the bay. XLT seafood. My brother is here from Puerto Rico. He dont speak a lick of english but thats all right. he ended up accepting Christ as his saviour last year. Amen!.
      It was freekin hot today!!at least where I'm at in Tracyton. How bout you?
    19. JG27_chili
      Hi there neighbor!!
    20. God's_Child
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    I'm here again, 1000 miles away from you. A broken mess. Just scattereed pieces of who I am. I tried so hard. Though I could do this all on my own, but I've lost so much along the way. Then I see you face I know I'm finally home. I find everything I thought I lost before, you call my name I come to you in pieces so you can make me whole. I've come undone but you make sense of who I am, like puzzle pieces in your hand. Then I see you face I know I'm finally home. I find everything I thought I lost before, you call my name I come to you in pieces so you can make me whole. - The Broken, Pieces.