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Aug 26, 2016 at 2:35 PM
Apr 22, 2008
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Senior Moderator, Male, from GA

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you will be assimilated Sep 7, 2012

JG27_chili was last seen:
Aug 26, 2016 at 2:35 PM
    1. xspinningisfun
      Hey Matty Matt Matt! Want a patty pat pat? (i don't know exactly what a "patty pat pat" is, but it's the only thing that i could think of that rhymed with your name hahahahaha)
      1. JG27_chili
        You silly girl hehehe, try this...Matt Matt bo pat banana fanna fo fat be bop bo cat MAAttt. OmG I still member that from when i was a kid hehehe O WAIT I AM still a kid mmuuuuhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!!
        May 25, 2011
      2. xspinningisfun
        of course. doesn't the bible say if we be like children we'll enter the kingdom of God? :) therefore, it's good to be a child!!!!!! :D
        May 27, 2011
    2. Wavecure
      Hi Chili :) I've checked to see if there was a way to send you a private message. In the Forums, I get this message on bottom of page "You have insufficient privileges to post here." How do I go about earning the privilege to participate in Forums?
    3. chdmission
      Dear brother
      thanks for your comments and wish to know one thing is will you able to support our mission work in North India. OUR VISION IS 1000 CHURCHES AND ONE ORPHANAGE TO ESTABLISH
      please pray for us
      With love and prayer
    4. Stoney
      Hi, Chili! I meant to tell you when I joined and signed on as Stoney, that it is part of the name of a business I had called Stoney Lonesome Embroidery. Stoney Lonesome is the name of a Civil War encampment nearby!
      1. JG27_chili
        Gotchya sis. It's all good hehehe
        Feb 7, 2011
    5. 3nails+1cross=4GIVEN
      JG27_chili likes this.
      1. JG27_chili
        where the hek have you been girl!! Mannnn i miss you pretty lady. TY 4 dropping me a line. OMG it's really you!!
        I hope all is going well with you over there. I miss you soooooo much :( :) :) HEY KEEP IN TOUCH WILL YA!? I love you sis. God Bless you a whole bunch!

        ChiliMatt out
        Feb 2, 2011
      2. 3nails+1cross=4GIVEN
        teehee. I've been away for quite sometime =( I saw an email the other day and missed this place so I came back =D and yes, it's REALLLLLLLY me! hehehe. Of course I'll keep in touch, we've got loads to catch up on~! :p It's good here, I'm one week away from unofficial graduation~!!!! :D :D :D

        Bless ya bro :)
        Feb 3, 2011
    6. PreciousPuppy
      Happy New Year my MattyPoo..may it bring you much happiness, health and success in everything that you do.
    7. JG27_chili
      Ya like that!?
      1. Jeffin
        Yes. Haha.
        Dec 18, 2010
    8. Jeffin
      chili wreath in your siggy. :D
    9. xspinningisfun
    10. xspinningisfun
      I LOVE YOU!
      (but don't feel TOO special! I love all the staff members here :P)
      1. JG27_chili
        Who ME? Awe I I I I I I I I feeeeel so loveeed. Thanks katiegal
        You made my day sweetie :)
        Dec 8, 2010
    11. PreciousPuppy
      Stay warm my MattyPoo;)
    12. William Wilbur
      William Wilbur
      1. JG27_chili
        What happened my friend?
        Nov 16, 2010
    13. Raymond Tremain
      Raymond Tremain
      please can you do something for me, as I used to be able to write to godbe4me now I cant get onto her, ask her to write me via my email as she does have it. God loves you

    14. PreciousPuppy
    15. PreciousPuppy
      Don't you know what time it is??? I tink it's your bedtime MattyPoo:)
    16. xspinningisfun
      So it says you are following me on here. Just saying - it reminded me of a creeper hahahaha. Not that you ARE one, just how it was worded. I'm like, "I don't want anyone following me. Thanks." Makes me all paranoid :P

      (this is all joking, btw.)
      1. JG27_chili
        OK sis. Im
        jus trying the new features. Slap me will ya!! hehehehe
        Oct 27, 2010
    17. JG27_chili
      I thot melbourne is hotter than Wa state. I'm up in the border with Canada. We get a lot of snow here. Wa DC is the hot 1
    18. Raymond Tremain
      Raymond Tremain
      G'day Matt how are you keeping these days your back all healed now?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Raymond Tremain
        Raymond Tremain
        Praise God Matt. 2yr ago I had an op to replace my R knee, now I have metal and plastic in there its going great,I do more now than before,also I had both eyes op on now with lenses behind the eyes no more glasses only for reading before I could not drive without them praise God.
        Oct 21, 2010
      3. JG27_chili
        Hallelujah!! just dont over do it my brother from another mother from down under! hehehe
        Oct 21, 2010
      4. Raymond Tremain
        Raymond Tremain
        Thats right Mat you live in W.A. where it is a bit hotter than Melb. don't you we had snow the other day roads closed 30 km from here

        I will try to be here more than I was before as thoughts.com has changed no more sling shots at people, many have left,more quiet now but I still write christian material there.
        God bless you
        Oct 21, 2010
    19. Banarenth
      I may. My schedule is so busy lately, it's hard to make time, but I always liked this place and the people here.
    20. honestjeenn
      Hey Chili, thanks for adding me and for the comment to my pic... :) Hope you're doing fine. God bless you!
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    Married. Love Jesus and my wife. CFS has been an inspiration to me.
    Posted in the forums.

    Fishin, flyin, playin on the computer, GROWING CHILI PEPPERS, camping
    being with GOD as much as I possibly can...everyday :)


    Jesus was born of the virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, was crucified on the cross for our sins, died then rose again to be seated at the right hand of God the Father all mighty to reign for ever and ever.


    John3:16 says

    " For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that whoever believes in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life"