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Sep 5, 2013
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Nov 22, 2013
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    Hello all. First off, im not a Christian.....yet. I was a Hindu, a very devoted one at that, but lost my faith. In the years after I found relegion to be unimportant in my life but my outlook changed and i have become more interested in persueing relegious knowledge. Over time I found that Chrisitanity drew me in, partly via the culture I live in and partly through a close relationship i have with my Christian Godson. I have read the bible a couple of times in full and try and seek clarification on matters I dont understand, I mention this to illustrate that I do have some grounding in persueing Christianity. Although it is said often, I really do want to know the truth, whatever it may be. As such please consider me a clean slate. I am not just open to being converted, I am actively seeking it for a whole range of reasons e.g. divine justice, a sense of belonging and community etc. Rest assured, I will be polite but understand I am here to seek answers from believers , thus please do not mistake my inquisitive nature for impertinence. Any help is appreciated and I hope to learn from all of you. If I am not welcome here then fine but understand that I could be one of your advocate in years to come.